What Perpetuated at the Music Festival of Cavemen? 

Caveman Frank Woodman, a registered nurse at St. John Hospital & Medical Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been on the local music scene for almost a decade, but it’s only recently that he has been making waves on the national stage. His debut album, Caveman, is a quirky and entertaining combination of rock and rap, but the real story behind the band is somewhat more interesting. 

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Frank Woodman 

Frank Woodman is the founder and leader of the Caveman collective. The duo’s music is influenced by Detroit garage rock, and the band has been playing around the world for a decade. Woodman’s first solo album, “Badlands,” was released in 2010. Since then, the band has added a second member: drummer Brandon Moss. “We’re not the usual rock band,” says Moss, who has been a member of Caveman since 2007. 

His alter ego, the Caveman 

What transpired at the music festival of Cavemen? is a dark and spooky musical adventure that was fueled by the desire to find the truth. Throughout the festival, the audience was treated to a variety of acts, including guerrilla buskers, a Scottish indie rock band, and a performance by a local guerrilla busker. The two have collaborated before, and they are currently preparing to release their new album, “Smash,” in July 2021. 

His debut album 

What transpired at the music festival of Cavemen? was a fascinating and harrowing event. A guerilla busker dressed up in a caveman costume, Woodman played at a high volume in The Ogden Theater, blowing away another band’s audience with his spooky song, “Little River.” While his fanbase is small, he is gaining new followers. 

His performance at a radio jingle release party 

Kare and the Cavemen are a Norwegian band that originated from a small town north of Oslo. The band started out as a hip hop/punk band inspired by the Beastie Boys. The group included Anders Moller, who had previously played with Gluecifer and The O-Men. They shifted their focus to more punk rock and later recruited bassist Per Oydir. The band began touring extensively in Norway and Europe. After signing with Virgin Records subsidiary, they toured the US. 

His appearance at a concert for a former member of another band 

The band Caveman is a Brooklyn, New York indie rock outfit. The band formed in 2010 and is led by Matthew Iwanusa. Their debut LP, released in 2011, was self-produced and earned high praise from critics like Pitchfork. Since then, the band has been causing a stir in the NYC music scene, playing music festivals and bringing disparate crowds together.