What to Wear to an Outdoor Music Festival? 

The first thing you need to consider is footwear. Open toe shoes and boots are out. You can wear double denim and colourful knitwear, but make sure to break them in before the festival. The festival is a rugged environment, so you should avoid open toe shoes. You can also try cowboy style and close toe shoes. But if you’re not sure what to wear to an outdoor music festival, here are some cheat codes to avoid foot pain. 

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Double denim 

When choosing which style of double denim to wear to an outdoor music festival, consider the festival’s location. Some take place in a muddy landscape while others have sandstorms during the hot summer months. In any case, it’s best to research festival weather ahead of time. You’ll want to be prepared for any kind of weather. In addition to the festival’s location, you also need to consider what you’ll be doing during the festival. 

Colourful knitwear 

When it comes to dressing for an outdoor music festival, colourful knitwear is a must. Festivals, especially in the US, have become urban hippie havens where people wear floral and fauna-inspired fashions. Bohemian chic has been a popular look for years at concerts held in Chicago’s Grant Park or Colorado’s Red Rocks. Knitted crop tops make the perfect summer dress and are easily paired with a sharp ensemble. Don’t forget a knitted headband for a complete modern flower child look. 

Cowboy style 

If you’re heading to an outdoor music festival, consider going cowboy style. A classic cowboy look is made up of a denim jacket and a pair of denim shorts – plain or studded. A pair of boots completes the look. Add some sparkle with a laced or crochet bralette and cowboy boots. These pieces will help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to grab a cowboy hat. 

Close-toe shoes 

While you may have a lot of fun at a festival, wearing close-toe shoes is a necessity. Closed-toe shoes will keep your feet protected from mud and other debris, as well as keep you comfortable while standing for long periods of time. Often, festival-goers want to match their shoes to their outfit, hoping to look cute. However, crappy footwear is one of the main reasons that more people end up in the medical tent at the end of the night. Taking care of your feet is important to your overall festival experience, and footwear selection should be comfortable and appropriate for the conditions. 

Statement pieces 

A statement piece is an essential part of your festival outfit. It can protect your eyes from the glaring sun, while being stylish enough to wear anytime. Music festivals can also be chilly at night, so bring a denim jacket. A tee is another essential element of Maguire’s festival outfit formula. Choose from a festive band tee or a summery graphic tee. 

Belt bag 

While your regular bag won’t get you through the outdoor music festival, a stylish belt bag can be your best friend. A festival fanny pack can be stylish, secure and much cheaper than a replacement cell phone. This bag is made of waterproof material, has an outside zipper pocket, and can be adjusted to fit your body shape. It can also double as a crossbody bag, if you’d prefer.