What to Wear to an Americana Music Festival When It’s Cold?

Trying to figure out what to wear to an Americana music festival when the weather isn’t cooperating? Here are a few ideas. Psychedelic print frocks, Cowgirl boots, Double denim, a romper, and more! These styles are warm, stylish, and will stand out from the crowd at this country music festival. But if the weather is too cold, there are also plenty of cozy options you can wear.


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Psychedelic print frocks 

If you want to go to a psychedelic music festival this winter, there are some things you can wear that are reminiscent of the ’60s hippie era. If you are going to be at a cold music festival, you should dress warmly! The first step in preparing for this style is preparing your wardrobe. You’ll need a few items of clothing and accessories, such as a bandanna. 

Cowgirl boots 

A cowboy boot is a classic fashion statement. You may have seen the iconic cowboy boots on Robert Redford or James Dean in movies like Giant and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You may have even seen them on Patricia Arquette in True Romance, and in No Country for Old Men they presaged the violence. The cowboy boot symbolizes the wild, dangerous west, and is a staple of western showdowns. 

Double denim 

If you’re going to an Americana music festival during the cold season, you may want to wear double denim. For a casual country vibe, consider wearing a button-down plaid shirt with a denim jacket. Add a pair of Cuban heeled boots to the mix. Leave the cowboy hat at home! This look is perfect for country music festivals, where you can dance and mingle in the cold. 

Psychedelic print romper 

If you love wearing psychedelic print rompers, you should definitely consider wearing them to an Americana music festival. The event, Bonnaroo, is a four-day music festival in Tennessee that attracts the stars and everyday music fans alike. The rompers are perfect for this occasion, as they are both psychedelic and feminine. Luckily, this romper is comfortable, too. 

Bodysuit with shorts 

Taking a bodysuit and shorts to an Americana music festival when its cold is a great way to look cute, while still being warm and comfortable. However, a bodysuit is uncomfortable to wear in porta-potties, and a person’s pants may end up smeared in the mud. The solution? Wear a skirt and shorts or bodysuit with shorts, a chambray shirt and a checkered shirt and distressed boots. 

Psychedelic print shirt 

Its cold outside, but you still want to stand out from the crowd at an Americana music festival. Whether you’re wearing a psychedelic print shirt, a plaid shirt, or a skull and crossbones T-shirt, there’s a psychedelic print shirt for you. From the legendary DelFest DJ to an indie rock band, psychedelic print shirts are the perfect attire for a music festival. 

Mesh fabric 

One of the most comfortable fabrics to wear to an Americana music festival when it is cold is mesh. Not only will you stay warm, you’ll be able to see the performers clearly. You’ll also be able to get a good sense of the crowd’s personality and make new friends. You’ll have a lot of fun and find out what everyone else is wearing as well. 


How to wear leather to an Americana music festival when its cold? Wear a jacket! You can never have enough jackets. And if the weather is really cold, get a moto jacket. The combination of a moto jacket and ripped jeans is a country classic. If you’re feeling daring, wear a denim jacket too. Then, slip on some booties! 

Keeping cool at a music festival 

Keeping cool at an Americana music festival is crucial to ensure your enjoyment. Heat can make festival-goers miserable and it’s especially dangerous if you’re drinking. By using a few simple strategies, you can stay cool at the music festival and avoid the danger of dehydration. Listed below are some of the best tips to help you keep cool at a music festival: 

Keeping valuables organized 

There are a few ways to keep your valuables safe when you’re at an Americana music festival, especially if it’s cold outside. While it may not be practical to leave your car keys or purse on display, you can put it in the glove compartment and use it to keep valuables organized. You can also keep an extra Driver’s License or backup Identification Card in your car.