What to Wear to a Summer Music Festival? 

If you’re wondering what to wear to a summer music festival, look for a great pair of platform sandals and a cute pair of cut-off jean shorts. A mosh-friendly t-shirt is an excellent choice too. In addition to flats and sandals, you can also wear a Flannel shirt. Whether you’re headed to the desert or the beach, you’ll be glad you brought these pieces. 


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Cut off jean shorts 

Wearing denim cutoffs at a summer music festival is perfectly acceptable. Most festivals welcome denim shorts as they are both practical and comfortable. Check the measurements before buying – both at the front rise and the actual waist. Then, tuck a cute top into them. Cutoff jean shorts are perfect for the festival vibe. If you’re looking for an especially trendy pair, try the Glastonbury festival. 

Choose shorts made of quality denim. Although quality denim can be expensive, there are also cheaper alternatives to choose from. Cutoff jean shorts with an extra-high waist and five pockets are perfect for casual outings and activities. Check the fabric makeup, too. Look for shorts that have a percentage of recycled materials in them. Some of the cheaper styles have unique details, such as horse-bit accents and a logo-stamped leather patch. 

When shopping for a pair of cutoff jean shorts, keep in mind the length, rise, and color. Remember that cut-off jean shorts are comfortable and will match just about everything in your closet. You can buy them online in advance of the music festival, so you can wear them when you get there. A patterned t-shirt will make your outfit complete. The cut-off jean shorts will make you look stylish and cool! 

Flannel shirts 

Flannel shirts are an excellent way to add a splash of color to your ensemble. You can wear yours loosely around the waist and pair it with a denim skirt or mini skirt. While flannel shirts may not be suitable for a hot summer day, you can still rock them to the fullest! Below are some tips to help you pull off your new look. 

– Try a plaid flannel shirt underneath a down vest for extra warmth. These vests typically have pockets, so you won’t have to worry about a purse. The flannel fabric is breathable, so you won’t be sweating out in the warm summer sun. You can also try a sleeveless flannel to show off your guns. The perfect fit for music festivals, flannel shirts will keep you looking cool and comfortable. 

– Choose a festival that allows flannel shirts. For example, if you love a rock festival, you can dress down with a flannel shirt and a summer sundress. If you want to show off your style, go with a vintage flannel shirt with your favorite band. The festival is a great way to get some great inspiration for a new look.