What to Wear to a Music Festival If it Rains 

If you’re planning to attend a music festival, you might be wondering what to wear if it starts to rain. While many festival goers will opt for a T-shirt and jeans, there are some things you can wear in case the weather turns nasty. Here are a few ideas for you: 

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Cut off jean shorts 

If you’re heading to a music festival, cut-off jean shorts are a great option. These versatile shorts combine comfort with unique style, making them a must-have for festival goers. Try thrift stores and secondhand stores for some unique finds. Look for a unique pair of denim shorts at the Glastonbury festival, for example. If the weather looks iffy, you can always tuck a cute top into them to keep them covered. 

Tulle-trimmed cotton twill jackets 

If you’re going to a music festival, there are a few things you should do in the event of a rainy day. First, get a lightweight cotton-lined jacket that is waterproof. Second, make sure your pants zip off; these are comfortable, but they look lame. Third, purchase a lightweight pullover that you can toss into the crowd when you get passionate. Finally, if it’s still raining, consider a 2-in-1 parka/vest combo by Reracs, which costs $1,385 for a pink version. 

Bucket hats 

If you are planning to attend a music festival and are wondering whether bucket hats will work for you, look no further! There are several different ways to stay dry while enjoying the music. These styles will make you look cool and stylish no matter what the weather is doing. In addition to being practical, bucket hats can be stylish as well. Listed below are some suggestions for where to find the best bucket hats to wear to a music festival in the rain. 

Jean jackets 

A good pair of denim jackets will keep you dry and comfortable at a music festival, even if it rains. If the weather is unpredictable, a lightweight denim jacket and oversized t-shirt will do the trick. When choosing your jacket, think about what layers you need to add to avoid water pools. If possible, wear synthetic clothing, as they tend to dry faster than natural fibers. 


Having a rain poncho at your music festival is an excellent idea, even if you don’t plan on staying inside the tent all day. Standing around in wet clothes is uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. You could even end up with hypothermia in an instant. Standing in the rain can also ruin the fun of outdoor events. However, you can bring lightweight rain ponchos with you to protect yourself in case of an unexpected downpour. 

Trash bags 

Whether you’re going to a music festival in the rain or you’re camping in the backcountry, trash bags are invaluable items to have with you. You can keep small items dry in a small trash bag or a large one to protect bedding and big items. They take up very little room and are very useful. If you don’t want to carry your trash bag around, a trash can will do just fine.