What to Wear to a Music Festival For Women 

The key to dressing for the Colorado music festivals is to wear something comfortable, but stylish. Mini skirts, Denim shorts, and Cami tops are all great choices, and you can pair them with leather belts and accessories to complete your look. If you want to dress up a bit, add a floral headband. Flower headbands used to be big, but you can opt for a bandana instead. Suede, fur, and leather won’t work, and neither will they protect you from the heat or spilled drinks. Heavy layers aren’t the best choice for the festival, so save them for accessories. 

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Denim shorts 

When attending a music festival, denim shorts are a practical and stylish solution to your wardrobe dilemma. This type of short is perfect for most festivals and is generally welcome by the festival goers. As they are very comfortable and hardwearing, they are often preferred to jeans. Women can pack denim shorts in their luggage even if the festival is held over a weekend, as some shorts are hemmed at the thigh to prevent the flashing of thigh muscles. 

Mini skirts 

Music festivals have a lot of options when it comes to clothing and accessories. You can dress up in casual clothing or go totally out of character by wearing a fringed leather jacket and matching crocs. Either way, mini skirts are a versatile option that you can mix and match with different items and look alike. A black mini skirt is a classic piece that works well with both denim and cotton t-shirts. Pair it with silver booties and a statement necklace to create a cool punk look. 

Cami tops 

There are a few essential pieces of clothing to pack for a music festival. If you are planning on attending an outdoor concert, the cami top is a must-have. Women who are attending a music festival should avoid carrying purses, as it will slow down the security lines. If you have a small purse, consider wearing a different type of top or have your partner carry it for you. 

Leather belts 

If you’re attending a music festival and looking for the perfect leather belt to wear with your outfit, read this article for some great suggestions. Leather belts aren’t just for guys, either. Women can rock them as well! Check out PrettyLittleThing’s edit of the best women’s festival fashions, and add a leather belt to your look for a unique style! 

Cowgirl boots 

Before you head to a music festival, you’ll want to break in your cowgirl boots. These boots will not stretch much, so you’ll need to break them in slowly. Wear them around the house and gradually increase their wear time to get the right fit. It may take several weeks to break in the new boot. Here are some tips to help you choose the best pair of cowboy boots to wear to a music festival.