Caveman Colorado Music Festival

If you’re going to a music festival, there are a few pieces you should avoid. Floral lacework vests are out of season. Suede and leather aren’t a good match for the heat and mud. And while a flower headband might be adorable, don’t risk it at a festival with the weather. Instead, go for a bandana. Avoid heavy layering as much as possible. These are better reserved for your accessories. 

(Caveman Music Fest Colorado is the perfect place to grasp the last sun soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages)

Black is the new black 

This year’s COVID-19 has been a rip-roaring rollercoaster ride. Not only have hundreds of Black creatives been laid off, but the festival has also revealed the incredible interconnection it takes to create one show. Chris Patterson, the founder of The Big Fantastic touring company, is an example of how Black creatives are embracing change. After Ari Lennox had to cancel several shows, Patterson stepped in and coordinated his team across time zones and with booking agents. 

Mesh tops 

One of the most popular trends at this year’s ACL Fest was mesh tops. The cooling properties of mesh combined with the trendiest styles make mesh tops a must-have fashion accessory. Mesh tops can be found in neon colors, but crocheted pieces are a more subtle option. The versatility of mesh allows you to layer your outfit with layers. This style works well in both hot and cold weather conditions. 

Floral lacework vests 

Whether you’re headed to a cold music festival or a warm one, wearing a floral lacework vest will bring your festival look to the next level. The trend is alive and well after the ’60s, and the era of flower power is back in full swing. From Coachella to Woodstock, flower power fashion isn’t going anywhere. You’ll look just as stylish wearing a floral lacework vest as you would in an ethereal tulle dress. 

Comfortable jeans 

Comfortable jeans for a cold music festival are a must-have item for any fan of live music. The temperature can fluctuate wildly at music festivals, so it’s essential to pack for multiple climates. You should bring additional layers in case the temperature drops below freezing, as well as a spare pair of clothing for running through fountains. Also, plan – you won’t have time to change before nightfall! 

Leather belts 

When attending a music festival, a leather belt can make all the difference. Not only can you add flashy details to your outfit, but you can also play with the colors of the festival. Wild patterns are perfect for music festivals, and you can easily pair a leather belt with a floral romper, psychedelic shirt, polka dot pants, or even a cheetah print vest. If you’re brave enough, you could even wear a tie-dye beach towel as a skirt! 

Mesh vests 

A mesh vest is a great way to stay warm and stylish during a cold music festival. Unlike wool or cashmere, the mesh is soft and comfortable, keeping you warm while remaining fashionable. These vests are available in various colors and styles. They are also made of indigo-colored material, which helps keep you cool in hot weather. You can also choose a mesh vest based on its color to match your festival outfit. 

Flower headbands 

Wearing flower crowns at a music festival is a must-do accessory, and now you can make your own! The DIY flower crown tutorial is easy and inexpensive to make and makes a beautiful alternative to the ban on Native American headdresses. This flower-adorned headpiece exudes hippie spirit and a sense of feminine style. You can pair it with a criss-cross net halter top and Daisy pasties to complete your look.