Style Guide for Americana Music Festivals

Before you head to the Americana music festival, it’s worth taking some time to consider the safety of the crowd and your clothing. First, make sure you know how to avoid mosquito bites. Whether you’re going to the festival to meet friends or get away from it all, you’ll want to bring a Camelbak water bottle and a mask. Fortunately, the festival’s security team has compiled the following safety tips for the music festival crowd: Contact us to learn more about music festivals in colorado

Statement pieces vs. festival pieces 

One of the most memorable evenings of the weekend was an Irish man who wowed the crowd with his harmonies and brought out his brass section and his backing band. His rendition of ‘Passing Through’ was so moving that I could hardly hold back my tears. Glen Hansard, meanwhile, sang an emotional set of traditional folk songs from his new album. And he was accompanied by his wife, Amanda Shires, who sang harmony with him. 

The Americana Music Association (AMA) has recently announced its plan to introduce a more diverse lineup of showcase acts and hold an equity and inclusion panel. In the past, the genre has been criticized for elevating straight white male artists with acoustic guitars. But in the AMA awards, this is no longer the case. InTheMA has made strides toward more diversity in the lineups and artists. 

When it comes to style, you have several options. In addition to festival pieces, you can try festival-appropriate fashions. Rainbow bike shorts are one of the most iconic items of the festival. If you’re feeling daring, you can also opt for a tie-dye top and joggers. Another festival-approved look is a floor-length sequin-covered kimono. Another great trend is e-dye overalls in four different colors. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with tropical prints. Also, make sure to wear color-block metallic slides that are comfy. 

Camelbak water pack 

When choosing a CamelBak water pack for an Americana music festival, the first thing you should consider is how much water it holds. Most of the CamelBak water packs contain a single or two liters of liquid. The higher the capacity, the less room you have for other stuff in the backpack. However, the higher the water bladder, the more liquid you can carry. If you plan on using the CamelBak during the music festival, be sure to consider the size of your backpack. 

You may want to buy a Camelbak water pack that is more compact but still offers plenty of storage space. There are two-pocket Camelbaks, which are both large enough for water and bottles. However, there is no space for a third pocket. Another option is the Camelbak Mule, which has a 3-liter capacity and is perfect for small festivals and one-day events. 

The main advantage of the CamelBak is that it is easy to refill, even on the go. The CamelBak is also great for front-row camping. The CamelBak is ideal for this, as it requires only one trip to refill it. You can also use the CamelBak as a portable charger. These two items are key for staying hydrated at a music festival.