What to Take in a Camping Music Festival 

What to take in a camping music festival? Depending on the festival and how long you’re going, you’ll want to pack a daypack for the duration of the event. It’s also wise to bring a rain fly, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking a lot and dancing around, so rain boots, Crocs, and Tevas will all come in handy. You’ll also want to bring a bandana or two to protect your face from the sun. 


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Duct tape 

Duct tape is a must-have item when attending a music festival. It can be used to patch up tents, secure fly traps, and protect tent poles. The tape can also be used to identify a campsite in the event of mishaps. Portable speakers are also a must-have, as these can easily plug into a car’s headphone jack. The tape also helps you keep your tent poles secure during high winds. 

Baby wipes 

The essential items you must take with you to a camping music festival are baby wipes. These can be used to clean your hands before eating or after going to the restroom. They also come in handy when you need to sanitize your hands after a long day of partying in the great outdoors. You can get them in a multi-pack or purchase a personal package if you prefer. 

Enamel mugs 

Camping is a great time to buy Enamel Mugs. These lightweight, durable mugs are perfect for drinking your favorite beverage or a hot meal. You can even carry them in a backpack or attach them to a hiking bag. And the best thing is, you can personalize them for your next camping trip. There are many different designs you can choose from and even design your own enamel mug for the occasion! 

Portable charger 

Power isn’t always a top priority for festival goers, but with all the electronic devices we have on our phones these days, it’s vital to bring a portable charger with you. This can help keep your electronics charged and keep your drinks cold. It can also be used to recharge your coffee maker. Thankfully, there are several options available. Read on for more information on portable chargers and power banks for camping music festivals. 

Camp tarp 

There are several things to pack for a camping music festival. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring a sleeping mat or air mattress. Also, consider packing a pump that you can recharge with a USB, rather than a foot pump. Bring snacks and drinks, and a portable camping stove to save money on festival food. Make sure to bring plenty of water, and bring a small backpack for carrying your belongings. 

Hydration mix 

While it may seem obvious to bring a hydration mix to a music festival, this is often not an option. While most events allow outside food and drinks, they may be banned at some festivals. Also, it is very easy to become dehydrated at a music festival if you don’t drink enough water. To prevent this, pack a hydration bottle with a mix of electrolytes and fruit juices, and take it with you.