What to Pack to a Caveman Music Festival?

If you’re planning to go to a caveman music festival, you should know what to pack. The festival will be held at the monument lake resort in Weston, CO. Here are some essentials: Clothing, Waistpacks, and a Neck pouch. These items will make your life easier at the festival. 


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If you want to enjoy three days of outdoor fun, the Caveman Music Festival is just the thing for you. The festival is set in the beautiful scenery and features a wide array of activities. It is the perfect way to wrap up the summer. But what should you pack? Here are a few essentials you’ll want to take with you. 

You’ll want to pack a backpack or day pack, as well as essentials for the festival. The list includes things like a baby wipe kit and a boom-boom for when you get a little out of breath. You’ll also want to pack a water bottle carrier since this will help you stay hydrated throughout the festival. 


If you’re attending a caveman music festival, you’ll want to pack some caveman-themed clothing. There are a few rules for this festival, and you’ll want to bring clean clothes so that you’ll be comfortable and stay healthy. These guidelines will be different for each venue. 

You need to pack appropriate clothing for the weather, including a poncho for wet weather. A poncho is a lightweight, reusable item that will keep you dry. Also, remember to pack comfortable footwear. You don’t want to ruin your boots by dancing in the mud. 

Waist packs 

A day pack is essential for festival-goers. It should include the day’s essentials, like a hat, water bottle, and light cover-up. Smaller items should be stored in a neck pouch or waist pack. You can also use packing cubes to keep smaller items organized and easy to find. Having a water bottle carrier can be a bonus for festival-goers who are concerned about their body temperature. 

Don’t forget to pack your valuables. Since music festivals can be crowded, your valuables will need to be protected. You can do this by bringing a neck wallet that is hidden under your shirt or dress. It can keep your valuables safe without compromising your look. Another important piece of clothing to pack is a pair of colorful sneakers that are comfortable. 

Neck pouch 

One of the best ways to protect your valuables at the Caveman Music Festival is to wear a neck pouch. This multi-pocket bag can be worn around your neck or beneath your shirt. This type of bag is particularly convenient in crowded areas where thieves might be more likely to steal items. 

Packing cubes 

Packing cubes are a great way to make your life easier when packing for a festival. You’ll no longer have to juggle multiple pieces of luggage or worry about getting bed bugs. Packing cubes are also great for protecting your belongings from the heat. 

Packing cubes are simple containers with zip closures. They can help you pack your clothes more efficiently and easily. You can group your items by outfit, type of clothing, or day. They are also great for keeping your luggage free of bedbugs. Packing cubes are available in a variety of colors and sizes.