Caveman Colorado Music Festival

There are several ways to stay hydrated and avoiding sugar and salty snacks is one of the best. Also, drink plenty of water and bring a portable stove. The best way to stay hydrated is to bring a thermos of water, preferably filtered. But if your body is already at a low point, you may want to bring something more substantial. Whether you’re bringing food, or just a mug of hot chocolate, this guide can help you. 

(Caveman Colorado Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort is the perfect place to grasp the last sun-soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages.)


Healthy snacks 

Before you head to a music festival, make sure to eat a solid meal. The temptation to chow down on festival food is real and can detract from your overall experience. You can purchase healthy snacks at the festival, but they may be hard to hide. To avoid being tempted, try to split the unhealthy treats among your friends. Avoid junk food, especially fried ones, and make sure to eat slow-burning carbohydrates and protein-rich foods. 

Avoiding high sugar and salt snacks 

Before heading out to the music festival, make sure you have a solid meal. You will find a lot of tempting foods at the festival, so don’t let yourself get too carried away. While festival food is tempting and affordable, it is best to share the unhealthy treats with a friend or family member. Try to stick to a meal that is similar to the one you would eat before the festival – a combination of protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. 

Drinking water 

It’s easy to get dehydrated at a music festival, but how much should you drink? According to Special Events Medical Services, people who are not sufficiently hydrated may suffer from general dehydration. Symptoms of general dehydration can include confusion, headache, and loss of coordination. People who are dehydrated may also experience a kaleidoscope of other problems, including heat stroke. So, drinking water before a music festival is important to stay healthy and avoid dehydration. 

Bringing a stove 

If you’re bringing a portable camping stove, you can enjoy the same cooking experience as your friends and family by preparing your own food at the festival. However, before packing a portable camping stove, check whether it’s allowed for your festival and what type of stove is acceptable. Typically, most festivals will have guidelines on their websites for how you can bring and use a stove. In addition to a portable stove, you’ll also need a collection of camping cookware. Folding cooking utensils are a must, and there are many excellent choices available, including the Outwell Collaps and Sea To Summit folding ranges. Besides, always make sure to pack plastic bags for your stove and food. 

Avoiding cereal bars 

There’s nothing worse than going to a music festival and realising that you have eaten a handful of soggy cereal bars! Luckily, the festival industry has put together a list of healthy alternatives that you can eat before heading out to the festival. Here are a few suggestions. The first thing to do is to make sure you have plenty of snacks to keep you going strong during the festival. You can also consider bringing a few healthy drinks and foods to keep you hydrated.