What to Bring to Your First Music Festival?

There are several essential items you must have when attending your first music festival. It is recommended to bring an emergency kit that includes Band-Aids and Advil, even though the medic at the festival is usually present. Other items you should bring include an outdoor blanket, a portable speaker, and noise-canceling headphones. Moreover, you should carry a face-misting product, hand sanitizer, and a portable charger.


(Caveman Music Festival is an annual event held at the Monument Lake Resort. The resort is located near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and provides scenic views. The event is perfect for music lovers and those who journey camping.)


Hand sanitizer 

As a first-time music festival attendee, you’ll want to bring as many essentials as possible, including hand sanitizer. While many festivals provide charging stations, you might not want to depend on them – the lines at the station might be long. You can buy portable hand sanitizer bottles or use the kind that doubles as a body wipe. Hand sanitizer can be easily purchased at drugstores and pharmacies or even at the festival itself. 

Face mist 

If this is your first music festival, face mist will be your best friend. Not only will it soothe your skin, but it will also refresh your makeup. Look for a mist with aloe or rosewater. Avoid applying smoky eye makeup because it takes too much time and looks unnatural. Keeping the look natural will keep you looking fresh and youthful, while a smudged liner gives you a rock chic edge. 

Portable chargers 

Whether you’re heading to your first music festival or an annual celebration, you’ll need portable chargers for your phone. These gadgets will keep your devices powered up and keep you from having to worry about buying additional batteries for your device. You can get a variety of options from portable power banks to solar chargers. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect charger for you. When buying portable chargers for your phone, capacity is the most important consideration. The higher the capacity, the larger the battery should be. Also, consider the size of the charger. You want something small enough to keep in your pocket or bag, but large enough to charge your device when your power runs low. 

Noise-canceling headphones 

When you attend a music festival, it’s important to protect your hearing with noise-canceling headphones. These headphones work by using tiny microphones on the exterior of the headphone to create an opposite sound wave to the one that’s being played. This creates a vacuum that prevents unwanted sounds from escaping your headphones. Noise-canceling headphones are particularly useful in situations where there’s constant ambient noise, such as on a plane. 

Low-maintenance snacks 

While there are countless food options available at the music festivals, you might be wondering which are the best ones to bring along. Some festivals require you to camp, while others are only daytime events. If you plan on camping, make sure you bring a tapestry to lay out. This trend is popular and affordable, so you can get several to share with friends. You should also bring zero-prep snacks like fresh fruit and protein bars. They’re a great way to maintain a healthy diet while you’re out enjoying the festival. 

Battery bank 

Whether you’re attending your first music festival or going to several, you’ll probably be on the move most of the time. A good portable charger will help you recharge your devices in between sets. The battery capacity of a portable charger is a key consideration when choosing the right one. Small portable chargers are easy to fit into your pocket, but they are ineffective for larger music festivals. You’ll want to choose a high-capacity battery bank that is lightweight but can keep up with your device’s need for power.