What to Bring to an Americana Music Festival 

When you go to an Americana music festival, you have many choices. But what should you bring with you? You should consider your physical condition, and the type of concert you plan to attend. If you need a lot of mobility assistance, you may want to consider purchasing a mobility scooter, which you can rent or purchase at the venue. Otherwise, you can purchase a walking cane, and bring that instead. 

(Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Colorado is the perfect place to grasp the last sun soaked days of summer. Click here: Colorado Country Festival)


AMERICANAFEST is a new festival at the American Museum & Gardens 

Located in Bath, Massachusetts, the American Museum & Gardens will host a new festival, called “AmericanaFest,” celebrating all things American. Musicians will play on four stages throughout the AmericanaFest weekend, including local, emerging musicians on the Amphitheatre Stage, Stone Circle Stage, and Homegrownstage. Family-friendly activities will also be available, including a scavenger hunt around the grounds, American food trucks, and more. 

It is a multi-venue music festival 

The UK is the hottest festival destination in Europe. However, camping in muddy fields is a very challenging experience, and that is why multi-venue inner-city music festivals have become such a hit. There are several options for those who aren’t comfortable camping, from bike shops to bakeries. Fortunately, there are some great options for this type of music festival. Here are just a few of them. 

It includes a conference 

The Americana Music Association has announced the first group of industry participants for its upcoming Americana Music Festival and Conference, October 12-15 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference is focused on all aspects of the music industry, including the role of marketing in the evolving genre. It will feature keynotes from Recording Academy President Neil Portnow. The conference will also feature a panel discussion moderated by Ann Powers of NPR Music. 

It is not suitable for those with mobility issues 

While this music festival is generally accessible to those with mobility challenges, many visitors with physical disabilities may be unable to attend. For those who must attend the event in a wheelchair, the Americana music festival offers assistance in the form of wheelchair rentals, scooters, and electric wheelchairs. To reserve such assistive devices, you must make a reservation. Those without chairs can rent golf carts, which function as shuttles. These vehicles drop off and pick up festivalgoers at three main locations. However, people with mobility issues will still need to walk and use wheelchairs to move about. 

It is not a typical music festival 

The Americana music fest is not a typical music festival. The Americana genre is so diverse that two major festivals are held within the same weekend. This year’s lineup features 200 artists from across the country, including big headliners like George Strait and the Lumineers. The festival will also feature an awards ceremony for the winners, as well as a lineup of artists to watch for on the festival grounds.