What to Bring to a Music Festival

When attending a music festival, it is always important to pack essentials. You should carry a festival card for alcoholic beverages. You can also buy inexpensive sunglasses and hats. Although most festivals provide limited shade, it is still a good idea to pack a hat and sunglasses. Bandanas can serve as great hair accessories and can prevent dust from getting into your hair. Another essential is sunscreen, which should have a high SPF rating. In addition to sunscreen, you should bring earplugs, which will give you premier sound and protect your eardrums.

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Wet weather gear

A jumpsuit is a great choice for wet weather. A jumpsuit will offer comfort and uniqueness without being too bulky. The natural fabric used will also help reduce drying time. You can accessorise a simple jumpsuit by wearing chunky jewelry. Having a waterproof jacket will also keep you warm and dry during the festival. Keeping a waterproof jacket handy is a must when attending a music festival.

Camping chair

When it comes to camping at a music festival, the most important item to pack is a camping chair. You’ll want to make sure it’s collapsible to make the trip easier. It should be made from durable materials like 600D rip-stop poly and should be sturdy enough to hold 275 pounds. Make sure you choose a folding chair with an extra heavy-duty frame. You’ll want to buy one with a carrying bag.

Go Pro camera

If you want to capture great point-of-view video, an action camera is the way to go. You can mount the camera on yourself or your equipment and take great videos. Some action cameras are even mounted on selfie sticks! They’re a great choice for festivals, as they’re small and easy to carry. Here are some features to consider when selecting an action camera for your music festival gear. These cameras offer an unbeatable combination of features:

Eye masks

While there are plenty of options for eye masks for a music festival, you’ll want to find something that is comfortable to wear and won’t be uncomfortable for long. This article will discuss the best options for music festival attendees, and help you find the perfect eye cover for your head. A cosy cotton construction ensures that you’ll have no problems with moisture. The material is breathable and comfortable, and it blocks out most of the light, ensuring total darkness. A crossover design keeps the straps from slipping off your face and allows for full adjustment.

Portable speakers

It’s a common mistake to choose cheap speakers for a music festival, but high-quality portable speakers can be a life saver. Music fans should invest in good Bluetooth speakers, which can be used anywhere and have the added benefit of elevating the mood. Besides music, these speakers can be used to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or even just summer playlists. Bose and Sony are two top brands of portable speakers.


If you’re planning on attending a music festival, you may be wondering what kinds of drinks to bring. Music festivals tend to take place in remote locations that don’t have access to mains water. As such, it is important to get good quality water supplies and install drinking stations. The quality of the water supply should be sufficient to provide water to festival-goers. The pressure must be maintained to keep the water flowing. If you’re planning on bringing your own water, you might want to consider the environmental concerns associated with single-use plastic bottles.