What to Bring Tent Camping? 

If you are looking to go tent camping, there are a few key items to take with you. These include a tent, a sleeping bag, some water, and a firestarter. You also want to pack a small shovel and a small crowbar. 

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Several other must-haves will keep you comfortable and safe. A good pair of boots is a must for outdoor adventuring. These should be comfortable and provide good traction. You also need to be prepared for wet weather. Bring some dry bags for wet gear and dirty laundry. A tarp is a great addition to your tent and can provide shelter during rainy days. 

There is no shortage of places to buy camping equipment. Check out trusted outfitters. Make sure to carry a first aid kit with you. You might find that you need some bandages or burn cream if you are hit by a bug. 

For fun, you may want to bring along games such as cornhole or horseshoes. If you are lucky, you may even be able to play ring toss. You can also pack in a broom and dustpan. 

If you are looking for the best way to keep cool during the day, consider bringing a small bandana. It can keep your back warm and help prevent you from getting too sweaty. You should also bring sunscreen with a strong SPF. You might also want to invest in a couple of gauze sponges. They have many uses around the campsite. 

In terms of technology, you should probably not forget the battery-powered lantern. They can provide an excellent source of ambient lighting inside your tent and can also be used to light up the campground at night. Alternatively, you can choose a headlamp that uses a USB power pack. These are handy when you need to do a quick search for something. 

Besides the aforementioned, you will also need a flashlight. These can be battery-operated or operated by a propane tank. You might want to bring a few extra batteries as well. 

A compass is a must for camping without cell service. You should also pack a paper map. A nifty little item is a portable potty that you can set up in the tent. It will make bathroom time a breeze and eliminate the need for multiple midnight treks to the restroom. 

The explorer’s kit is another useful item. The best way to determine what to bring tent camping is to know where you are going and what you need to get there. The more you prepare, the better off you will be. 

The most important thing to remember when packing is to pack the appropriate clothing for the climate. You don’t want to be freezing at night. You also don’t want to be too warm during the day. The ole’ fashioned trick is to layer your clothes. This will keep you from overheating and will make sure you get the most use from your gear.