What Time Does Caveman Music Festival Start? 

If you want to see the Caveman music festival, make sure you know what time it starts. They perform at 4:15, but it’s worth staying up late for the early evening concert as well. The show’s lineup is also full of other great shows, including Chicago-based neanderthals Phosphorescent. If you want to know more about the lineup, read about the band’s origins and house music productions. 

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Caveman’s 4:15 set 

After the slick set by Phosphorescent, I went to catch Caveman’s 4:15 set at the Port Stage at the Caveman Music Festival. Caveman’s elastic pop-rock sound is both a perfect match for the sunny Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the thundering storm in the background. Their energetic set spanned the Port Stage and was the perfect accompaniment to the dark clouds that were barreling down the Ohio River. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Colorado band and listen to their rousing set at the Caveman Music Festival. They’ll perform a 4:15 set at the Caveman Music Festival in 2022, one of the few festivals of their kind that feature National acts alongside local artists. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the other acts on the bill. 

Phosphorescent’s early-evening concert 

The rain interrupted a chilly Caveman Music Festival show, but that didn’t stop Phosphorescent from playing. The band, which has been playing for eight years, performed some of its best songs, including “Caveman” and “Treasure Island.” The first set of the day included Matthew Houck, whose whiskey-tinged delivery lowered the bar for his story-telling. When keyboard jams started, though, the band soared. 

EL Caveman’s house music productions 

EL Caveman is a Chicago-based producer who started out spinning beats. He’s now part of the Chicago music scene and has spun with some of the city’s top producers and DJs. His productions are a mix of Latin and Afro house. During the course of his career, he’s gained a loyal following. His single “Blurred Lines” is available through both Communion Records and Fat Possum Records. 

The three-day Americana music festival is held at the Monument Lake Resort in Colorado on Labor Day weekend. Caveman is a destination for music lovers and those who love the outdoors. It offers scenic views, historic structures, and many activities for everyone to enjoy. EL Caveman’s house music productions start at caveman music festival 

EL Caveman’s Chicago roots 

EL Caveman is a Chicago native who’s been a fixture on the city’s electronic music scene for more than 20 years. Aside from spinning records at clubs around the world, he’s also produced and co-produced tracks for labels including S & S Records, Fresca Recordings, PicaStone Recordings, and Yuri Records. The producer continues to produce in the studio and perform at various Chicago festivals and venues. EL Caveman’s sound has been described as soulful house, Afro house, and Latin dance music. 

EL’s band has been gaining momentum with the release of his latest album, Telekinetic Yeti. This album features monstrous tones and creatively brutal riffs. This release also showcases the artist’s partnership with stalwart Chicago-based independent label Tee Pee Records, and the band plans to tour the album throughout the summer. Caveman’s acclaimed live show is sure to be a sold-out affair, so make sure to get your tickets now!