What Time Do Music Festivals Start? 

If you are looking for Americana concerts in your area, then you should know what time it starts. About a quarter of music festivals take place in the summer. Coachella, a big one, is one of the most popular summer music festivals, and others include Riot Fest, Something In The Water, and the smaller, underground music festivals. Below we will discuss what time music festivals start and how you can plan your trip accordingly. 

About a quarter of all music festivals are held in the summer 

Music festivals are a great way to spend time in the summer, and there are many options in different areas. Many of these festivals feature live classical music, so you can get a taste of what the festival has to offer without leaving your home. Some music festivals are free, while others require a ticket. If you’re going to a festival, make sure to look up the ticket prices ahead of time, as not all events are free. 

Coachella is the biggest 

When it starts, you may think it’s just a weekend of rock and roll, but when the lineup is this good, it’s truly the biggest music festival. While some people have criticized the Coachella lineup in recent years, it remains one of the best in the world. While the lineup has leaned more towards EDM and electronic music, it still boasts some of the biggest names in the country. And, with eight stages, you can easily catch every genre and get a taste of something new and exciting. 

Riot Fest is a punk rock festival 

While some music festivals might be a step back in time, Riot Fest is a huge success. The festival has brought together some of punk’s most important bands, set the bar for great music festivals, and helped reunite some of the biggest names in punk. Despite having zero experience in putting on a festival, Mike Petryshyn is credited with making the festival what it is today. 

Something In The Water is a hip-hop festival 

This year’s Something In The Water hip-hop festival took place in Virginia, and despite the pandemic, it was hot and breezy. Luckily, the weather was not as bad as it could have been. The temperature was in the high 70s. Although the music was booming and the audience was energized, it was still too hot to dance. But the performers were able to keep the crowd cool, and some of them even made a statement about the pandemic. 

Stagecoach is a major moneymaker 

In 2015, Stagecoach brought in $18.5 million. It is held in the same venue as Coachella, and its lineup of artists includes Kanye West, Chris Young, and Emmylou Harris. The festival also features big names in pop and rock, like Luke Bryan and Sugarland. The festival has also hosted artists like Alabama, Dustin Lynch, and the Charlie Daniels Band. 

Woodstock was a cultural event 

In 1969, Ellen Sander wrote an article about the impact of Woodstock on American culture. In her article, Sander argues that Woodstock was a cultural event of historic proportions, illustrating the impact of mass media and the economic opportunity it presented. She explains that Woodstock influenced many other cultural events and shaped American history. While the events at Woodstock were largely unrelated, there were important cultural and social factors that contributed to the success of the festival.