What Size Generator Do I Need For Camping? 

Getting a camping generator is a great way to get a little extra power out of your RV or tent. But before you rush out and buy one, make sure it has the power to do what you need it to. 

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You might want to get a generator with at least 2,000 watts. That is more than enough to run lights, a small fridge, and a TV or two. You can also use it to keep your food from going bad in the heat. If you are looking for something with more than that, consider getting a 5,000-watt model. This should be enough to run your air conditioner in the hottest of weather. 

The 3,000-4,000 watt range should be enough to power most of your campsite needs. However, if you are towing a 25-foot travel trailer, you may not need that much power. In that case, you can save some money by buying a lighter generator. You can also find models with a full-size fuel tank which will allow you to run the unit long before you need to refuel. 

Getting a generator is easy. You can pick up a small one in most big box stores. Most come with a couple of 20-volt outlets and a 100-volt outlet. It is also possible to get a generator that includes solar energy to provide additional power. Choosing the right generator is all about determining the right watts, how many appliances you need to operate, and where you plan to put the generator. 

To choose the best generator for your needs, you can compare the features and benefits of several different brands. Some of the most popular brands include Yamaha, Honda, and Engel. They all offer a good quality product for a reasonable price. In addition, these generators are perfect for outdoor camping. 

You should be able to see the benefits of a portable generator by using it to charge your cell phone or recharge your laptop. A camping generator can also be a great source of heat in cold weather. The best camping generators will also be able to charge your cell phone and provide power for the light inside your tent. They are also very easy to move around. 

A 5,000-watt generator is a great option for people who have larger RVs. This is especially true if you want to clamp. If you are towing a larger trailer, you need to ensure you have a generator that can power all of your appliances. You can do this by comparing the watts of the devices you are planning to run. 

If you are towing a 30-foot travel trailer, you should look for a generator that is at least a watt or two bigger than the average. You will need at least a watt to run your air conditioner and refrigerator. You may also want to consider a 5,000-watt model if you are towing a 40-foot travel trailer.