What Should I Take Camping? 

Whether you are planning a weekend camping trip or a long trip, you will need to pack the right stuff for your trip. Some of the basic items to pack for a camping trip include a tent, food, and water. However, there are also some other items you should consider bringing. 

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One of the most important things you should pack for a camping trip is your clothing. It is a good idea to bring at least two sets of clothes for each day of your stay. It is also a good idea to wear layers of clothes so you can adjust to the weather. 

For cooking, you will want to pack a small portable stove, utensils, and ingredients. You will also need a tarp to protect you from rain. For the best campfire meals, you should bring a cast iron skillet. 

Another essential item you should consider packing is a flashlight. You will need to see at night, and a light source can make the trip more fun. If you have the budget, you may want to invest in a tripod for your campfire. 

If you have small children, you will need to provide snacks, diapers, toys, and other special items. You might also want to consider a stroller. The weather can get very cold at night, so you might want to pack extra clothing in case the weather changes. 

You will need to pack a hat or sunscreen. You should also pack a hydration bag to keep you hydrated. You should also pack sunblock and insect repellant. In addition, you should bring a compass to help you find your way around. 

Another thing to take with you is a small shovel. You may be surprised at how many animals you’ll run into on your camping trip. Luckily, there are many animal control measures in place to prevent animals from causing damage. You should pack a fanny pack to hold your gear and a backpack for carrying other things. 

A first aid kit is a must. You should have at least a few items in your car at all times, including plenty of rope, rope ties, and extra batteries. You might even consider a pre-made emergency treatment kit from sporting goods stores. 

You should also pack a cooler. You can freeze food to last several months. Alternatively, you can bring along a bag of ice. You should also bring some drinks and other snacks to make the trip more enjoyable. 

If you are planning a long camping trip, you might consider utilizing a laundry center at a campground. Some RVs have washers and dryers, but if not, you might want to bring some of your laundry supplies. You can buy zip lock bags to save your cooking ingredients. 

You can check with the campsite you are visiting for a list of recommended items. You can also check online for a more comprehensive list of camping supplies. You might also want to watch for sales at local supermarkets.