What Should I Bring to a Music Festival? 

The first thing that you should remember when going to a music festival is to pack appropriate clothing for the occasion. This can be a little tricky since appropriate clothing will vary based on the weather. For the most part, your clothing should be comfortable and practical. Consider wearing warm clothes for the nighttime and a rainproof poncho. Also, keep in mind the footwear that you plan to wear. If you’re going barefoot, bring clean underwear and sturdy footwear. Make sure to take a spare pair, in case something breaks or a hole in your footwear. 

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Comfortable shoes 

A pair of comfortable sneakers is essential if you’re heading to a music festival during warm weather. These sneakers are made with a quick-drying webbing upper and a bungee-style cord lace for added comfort. They also feature a lightweight, cushioned EVA foam midsole and a spider rubber outsole. A comfortable pair of sneakers can help you enjoy the music festival without giving up style. 

Wet weather gear 

Music festivals are notoriously hot, but there are a few ways to stay cool in these situations. Using a water bottle is one way to keep cool, but other options can be equally useful. For example, a Tarpestry is a versatile item that can double as a picnic blanket, ground mat, sun shade, or privacy tarp. Tarpestrys come in a variety of colors and designs, and many are created in collaboration with artists. 

An inflatable pool float 

If you want to bring the party to the water, you will need an inflatable pool float to take along. The basic design will make it easier to climb in and out of the float. It is also lightweight and portable, weighing less than two pounds, and will easily fold up into a convenient tote bag. The low price of these pool floats will keep you comfortable even after several hours at a music festival. 

An SPF hat 

The season of festivals is upon us, and music lovers are getting ready to pack sequins and glitter. One thing they should not forget is to bring sun protection: an SPF hat. Even on cloudy days, UV rays are strong, and festivalgoers will be outside for most of the day. Sunburn can leave the skin tender and sore, and it can ruin the music festival experience. 

A rehydration pack 

You should take a rehydration pack to a music festival. You can easily get one for as low as $20 on Amazon Prime. The typical features of a hydration pack are present, as well as pockets for your basic gear checklist. It’s lightweight and is an ideal solution for those on a budget. This bag is not suitable for larger items, such as a laptop or tablet. 

A camera 

Bring your camera to a music festival if you want to capture the festival atmosphere. Although most festivals are no-flash zones, you can still capture beautiful images with a wide-angle lens. Most modern cameras have USB-C ports for charging, but it is a slow process and should be your last resort. Earplugs are another essential piece of equipment for music photographers. Music festivals are typically long events and can severely damage your hearing.