What Music Festival Just Happened? 

The BET Awards are just around the corner, and if you are wondering what music festival just happened, here is a rundown of the top four in the country: Pickathon, Something In The Water, Bonnaroo 2022, and the End of the Road festival in Florida. Check out the lineup below, and make sure you follow along on social media! You can also find reviews and photos of each music festival! 

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This year’s Pickathon music festival features a wide array of genres, from jazz to outlaw country, with artists including Nubya Garcia and Nate Smith. You can also expect to hear from rising indie artists and buzz-worthy newcomers. The lineup includes international acts like Thee Sacred Souls and Lomelda, an indie rock band from Portland. Other artists include the Oregon band Fruit Bats, hip-hop powerhouses Armand Hammer, and Portland-based artist Valerie June. 

Something In The Water 

If you were in Washington, D.C. this weekend, you might have missed Something In The Water, an outdoor music festival on the National Mall. It was scorching hot but breezy, with temperatures in the high 70s. While you may have missed the music, you can still check out the photos and videos from the event. Below are some of my favorites. And you can also follow along on Twitch to see all the action live. 

Bonnaroo 2022 

Bonnaroo 2022 promises to be the biggest and best festival yet, and it is already filling its lineup with a stacked group of talented artists. The lineup will include Stevie Nicks, Machine Gun Kelly, The Chicks, Tool, and more. And you can’t miss a single moment of the 96-hour blowout. In this piece, Kalas and Brovold discuss their expectations, as well as their past ‘Roo experiences. 

End of the Road festival in Florida 

End of the Road festival in Florida just happened and there is no other music festival quite like it. The lineups are incredible and the music is amazing, but one of the best parts of this festival is its unique atmosphere. You can experience the festival yourself, or take a day off and go see it with friends. This event will give you a taste of Florida’s music scene and culture. If you like country, you’ll probably love this festival. 

Bonnaroo’s 10th-anniversary edition 

It was the first day of Bonnaroo, and the music festival is already rocking. More than 100 acts played over four days and attracted an estimated 90,000 fans. As of Thursday evening, it had not sold out, but that may be due to the popularity of the festival. This year’s lineup includes the likes of songwriters and hip-hop artists, as well as country and hip-hop acts. Tickets for the entire festival cost $250. To see live performances, tune in to YouTube and the NPR Music Web site. 

Austin’s South by Southwest 

Police have promised greater security for the 2019 Austin South by Southwest festival after multiple shootings occurred during the final weekend of the previous year. The police chief pledged more security for the entertainment district after the incident, which left five people injured. The festival’s security was boosted following the multiple shootings, which took place on Sunday. Gov. Greg Abbott deemed gender-affirming medical care a form of child abuse. After the shootings, the police chief called the recent events “unacceptable.” The police department is now asking people who have information about Sunday’s incident to report it to the authorities. 

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival 

After a lengthy legal battle, the city of Miami just moved Miami’s Ultra music festival to Virginia Key. While the festival had been using Bayfront Park without issue since 2016, the recent change prompted an emergency lawsuit from the Brickell Home Owners Association. The lawsuit questioned the city’s legitimacy for renting out the location to the ultra music festival. The city of Miami has yet to comment on the lawsuit. Until then, here are some highlights of the Ultra Music Festival from the 2017 edition. 

Seattle’s Bumbershoot 

If you’re looking to catch a live show in Seattle this summer, you should consider going to Bumbershoot. This year’s music festival brought in over a million visitors, making it the second largest in the country. However, the festival needed a revamp. In the early 1990s, Bumbershoot’s identity crisis was not helped by the fact that it was run by old hippies who didn’t program shows for children and often overlooked local bands. That’s where New Rising Sun came in.