What Make Up Should I Wear to Caveman Music Festival? 

If you’re heading to the Caveman music festival, you should wear makeup. Caveman is an indie rock band from Brooklyn who have gotten their fans the old-fashioned way: through playing their own shows. After playing CMJ festival last year, Caveman quickly exploded onto the scene, touring the country and landing a deal with Fat Possum Records (home to Beach House and Al Green). Their debut album drops next week. 


(3 day Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort is the perfect place to grasp the last sun-soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages.)


Caveman is an indie-rock quintet from Brooklyn 

For those unfamiliar with Caveman, they are an indie-rock quintet from New York City. The five members are all native Brooklynites. Their first album, CoCo Beware, was released in 2011. Their second album, Otero War, came out in 2013. Both albums are strong, but Caveman’s songwriting and melodies make them stand out. If you love experimental rock, you’ll love Caveman. Their sound draws from post-rock, wistful indie rock, and African music traditions. Formed in January 2010, the group has played in Brooklyn, New York and have opened for War on Drugs and Cursive. 

The band’s sound is rooted in psychedelic indie pop, with singer Fred Coldwell providing spaced-out vocals. On their second album, “In Ghostlike Fading,” the band embraces psychedelic indie pop. Lead singer Jason Pierce has had a tough seven years, having undergone cancer and chemo for liver disease. The result is an ear-catching record that’s full of thoughtful lyrics and catchy tunes. 

The Brooklyn band combines multi-part guitars with dreamy psychedelia reminiscent of Grizzly Bear with a distinctly urban sound. The quintet is currently touring through April. They’ll be playing at SXSW on March 16th. Their music is sure to be a hit. Keep up with the band’s touring schedule by checking out their website. 

They are influenced by Beach House 

While there is no denying that Caveman has taken their influence from Beach House and their single “Otero War,” it is impossible to miss the band’s influence on their music. Their songs are easy to listen to, and their easy-going structure makes them an instant hit with listeners. As seasoned rockers, they were able to deliver a performance that was nothing short of electrifying. The band’s charismatic stage presence and crowd dynamic are off the charts, and their sheer enthusiasm is palpable. 

The band’s debut album was a mashup of the sounds that influenced Beach House. They combined candy-coated keyboards, folk harmonies, and chillwave irony. The best song from the album shared its title with Chromatics’ best single. “Otero War” is the latest single from Caveman, and is a perfect fit for the summer festival scene.