What Kind of Music is Americana? 

Roots music 

Americana is a collection of music that has roots in the United States. This genre is comprised of musical traditions from diverse regions of the country. It is the synthesis of many musical traditions and sounds that arose in the United States. 

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Country music 

Americana music is the sound of the American South, but its roots go deeper than that. The genre is rooted in black gospel music and other traditions of the South. Although it arose in the South, Americana has also developed outside the region. There’s even a documentary about the history of Americana music and its many influences. 

Folk music 

Americana is a genre of folk music that often reflects the history of the United States. It has roots in the past but also incorporates influences from the present. Historically, Americana music has been used to foster political and social change. These songs have been particularly popular with immigrants and groups struggling for equality. 

Early folk music 

Early folk music is an American music genre that has roots in the folk traditions of England and Scotland. It first originated in the eastern United States and spread rapidly throughout the country as white settlement increased. The genre had a resurgence in the early twentieth century, with the introduction of acoustic singer-songwriters like Woody Guthrie. Pete Seeger also made an impact, playing traditional American songs on banjo and influencing an entire generation of musicians. 

Early country music 

The genre of early country music is an important part of Americana. The first recorded country songs appeared in the early 1920s. The country music genre evolved as a result of the emergence of popular music shows on radio. The genre became popular in the South and was used as a soundtrack for movies from Hollywood. After the second world war, gospel music gained popularity and country music evolved from a primarily Christian genre to a more secular genre. 

Contemporary country music 

There are some controversies surrounding whether contemporary country music is Americana. The first of these is that it excludes music from the last 40 years and does not feature artists of color. The second is that it elides artistic traditions that were founded on rebellion. The lack of diversity in the genre is problematic for the genre, and it may end up undermining its popularity. 


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