What Kind of Fish Are in Monument Lake? 

If you have ever wanted to learn what kind of fish are in Monument Lake, you’ve come to the right place. This Colorado waterway is stocked with salmon and trout each year by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. You’ll need a valid state fishing license to fish in the lake. You can purchase fishing bait and tackle at the resort’s onsite store. If you catch any fish, the resort also offers a free fish cleaning station. 


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Rainbow trout 

This pristine lake is stocked with thousands of rainbow trout during the spring and summer. The current water temperature is 82deg F, with the air temperature between 67 and 53 degrees. There is a good chance of light rain in the afternoon, but you should still try fishing in the early morning or late afternoon. You can also enjoy a group picnic in the area around the lake, and there are restrooms available. While swimming is not permitted, you can enjoy a day out on the water, even in winter when the lake freezes over. 

If you love fishing and want to try catching some of these tasty rainbow trout, Monument Lake is the perfect place to take your fishing rod. This beautiful lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and has plenty of wildlife. Visitors to the area can bring their pets along, as long as they clean up after them! If you’re a newcomer to fishing, this is the perfect place to start. Just make sure to follow the local rules and regulations for the park and don’t forget to bring a fishing license. 

Kokanee salmon 

During the fall migration, you can catch kokanee salmon in Monument Lake. This species of fish is native to the west coast of North America, where they reproduce naturally. You can spot them in Monument Lake by their red bodies, which are easily recognizable in the water. They feed on plankton and are aggressive. You can use polarized sunglasses to see them better. Kokanee salmon live in Monument Lake from September to October. 

The best time to fish for Kokanee salmon in Monument Lake is early in the morning. You can also catch them after the water has reached its optimal temperature. During the summer, fish between June and September. If you fish after dark, you’ll catch more than ten. If you’re an angler with limited experience, fishing in Monument Lake can be a wonderful way to start your fishing trip. Fishbrain provides free fishing forecasts and maps so you can plan your trip accordingly. 


The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife stocks Monument Lake with a variety of freshwater fish, including splake and trout. When fishing in Monument Lake, you must be at least 16 years old and have a valid fishing license. You may also bring your pet with you, but you must clean up after them. The resort also has a fish cleaning station adjacent to the store. There are no swimming facilities on the lake. 

There are several options for catching these tasty fish, from fly-fishing to spinning lures. The lake is home to several species of splake, including rainbow and brown trout. This popular fish is also a favorite of ice anglers, and the fishing here is excellent during the winter. The lake is surrounded by beautiful park-like trees and meadows. It is a fantastic place to bring the whole family for a day of fishing or a weekend of family fun. 

Spinney Mountain Reservoir 

Depending on the time of year, you may find the answer to your question of What kind of fish are in Spinney Mountain. This Colorado reservoir is known for its large rainbow trout, but the fishing conditions aren’t as good as those in other Colorado reservoirs. Thankfully, the annual fall trout stocking program helps to make the water a great place to catch these fish. Listed below are the types of fish you might find in Spinney. 

The reservoir is known for its large rainbow trout, but you can also find other species like browns, cuttbowls, and Northern Pike. In late summer, these fish are willing to slurp big dries, but be prepared to fight for them. These fish can be difficult to catch, so be prepared to be patient and skilled. And you may need to use a special lure if you want to catch a big one.