What Kind of Fish Are in Monument Lake Colorado? 

The first question that may be in your mind when looking for a fishing spot is, “What kind of fish are in Monument Lake Colorado?” You may think of Rainbow trout, Kokanee salmon, Largemouth bass, or even Channel catfish, but you’re not sure. Read on to learn more about the types of fish you can expect to catch. Then, decide if fishing in this Colorado lake is right for you! 


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Rainbow trout 

You must have a Colorado fishing license to fish in Monument Lake Colorado, but this high-altitude lake has plenty of fish to offer, including cut bow and rainbow trout. You can also catch perch, blue gill, and pike, as well as small and large-mouth bass. In addition to fish, this lake has boat rentals and a lodge store. It freezes over in the winter, but ice fishing is allowed during this time. 

If you want to fish for trout and you are not familiar with fishing in the Black Forest, Monument Lake is your perfect destination. Located near the Black Forest, this lake is stocked with a variety of species of trout and other freshwater fish, including rainbows. You can use lures or cast a line to catch one of these beautiful fish. The historic Highway of Legends also passes through the towns of Trinidad, La Veta, and Cuchara. 

Kokanee salmon 

The spawning process of Kokanee salmon in Monument Lake Colorado typically ends around the first part of November, although there is no set date for this. The fish, which are also known as silvers, are considered excellent table fare. However, catching Kokanee requires a strong fisherman with a good fishing net. The spawning process can change from year to year, and you should check the hatchery website for details. 

The Kokanee are native to lakes and reservoirs along the western coast of North America. While they reproduce naturally in some waters, they are most common in larger bodies of water. They are bluish green in color, with silver sides, and a hooked mouth, and feed on plankton. This makes them popular for fishing. While you might have to fish for them yourself, they’re not that difficult to catch. 

Largemouth bass 

When you’re looking for a great place to go fishing, you should check out Monument Lake. Located 30 minutes from the Colorado Springs area, this lake has easy-access shore fishing, with a picturesque view of the Front Range foothills. During the summer, the lake is stocked with largemouth bass, channel catfish, perch, and rainbow trout. If you’re looking for something a little different, try fishing the Spinney Mountain Reservoir, which is an hour north of town. This reservoir is filled with gold medal trophy trout, salmon, and plenty of pikes. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy a day on the water at this resort, from the amenities and convenience of the lodge to the fishing experience. 

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department regulates the amount of fish you can catch in a day, including Largemouth bass, in most waters. The number of smallmouth bass and rainbow trout limits varies in different places, but in most areas, you can catch five largemouth bass and five smallmouth bass. The size limit for striped bass, brook trout, and brown trout is 20 inches, while the limit for panfish and yellow perch is unlimited. 

Channel catfish 

For a fishing excursion in Monument Lake, you will need to purchase a fishing license from the state of Colorado. As with any lake, fishing regulations and guidelines are important in Monument Lake. Fishing regulations vary from one area to another. Here’s the list of common catches for Monument Lake. Listed below are a few of the most popular species. You can also read the fishing report posted every day at the Monument Lake resort. 

Fishing in Monument Lake is not easy – hand-propelled boats aren’t allowed – but you can use the free Fishbrain fishing forecasting tool to get a better idea of how many channel catfish you’ll catch. While you’ll likely find some largemouth bass, you may also hook a few smaller ones, such as channel catfish. Despite its name, Monument Lake Colorado is not a popular place to swim, but it is perfect for fishing.