What is the Music in the GEICO Caveman Commercial? 

If you’ve ever wondered what is the music in the GEICO “Caveman” commercial, you’re not alone. The commercial features the actor John Lehr, who played the caveman in the ads. We’ll also look at Lehr’s career in television, film, and theater, and discuss his death. 

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John Lehr played the caveman in GEICO’s “Caveman” music fest commercials 

The commercials have helped John Lehr meet a lot of famous people, pay off his house, and send his children to school. He is a Kansas native and attended Northwestern University to get a teaching certificate. There, he discovered improvisational comedy. He was involved in a student-run comedy revue and improv show. He even went to Scotland to perform in a comedy festival. 

The GEICO Caveman commercials were a hit when they first aired in 2004. The ads featured an actor dressed up in cave clothes and a catchphrase that people could easily recall. The commercials got a lot of attention and soon reached pop culture status. 

In his first ad, Lehr plays a caveman who gets angry at the tone of the commercial. He storms off the set when the commercial degrades cavemen. Later, Lehr plays the caveman, who receives therapy from a therapist played by Talia Shire. 

John Lehr’s career in television, film and theater 

John Lehr started his career writing for television with his pilot script for the “Electronic Highway” television series, which he adapted for television and later starred in. He later co-wrote the feature film “Humanoid” with Jennifer Beals. He also co-wrote the pilot script for “Garage Sale” for ABC Family, and his sitcom was purchased by NBC. 

Lehr’s career in television, film and theatre continued with the creation of web series “Jailbait,” which premiered in April 2011 and was later available for streaming online. He continued to create television shows and co-created the series “Quick Draw,” which centered on a Harvard graduate who becomes the sheriff of Kansas in 1875. 

Lehr consulted on numerous TV shows and movies for over a decade. His experience pitching television shows in Hollywood has prepared him to help aspiring actors navigate the acting business. As an actor, he also performs under the “Cold. Sober. Comedy” banner and discusses his sober and personal struggles. 

Don LaFontaine’s death 

Don LaFontaine, best known as the voice of the caveman in Geico commercials, has passed away. The veteran voice actor was 68 years old. He starred in over 350,000 commercials, including movie trailers. His trademark “In a world where…” opening line made him an icon in the voiceover industry. He worked from his home studio for 33 years, averaging seven to 10 voiceover sessions a day. 

LaFontaine died on October 14, 2007, and is survived by his wife Nita Whitaker and three children. He was one of the most famous voices in the world and was an inspiration to thousands of other voice actors. He was also a former Paramount employee, leaving the company in 1981 to create a production company. 

GEICO’s Caveman commercials are now over. The company has ceased creating new Cavemen commercials, but continues to use the Geico Cavemen characters as trademarked characters. The Geico Cavemen have been a staple of their television ads since 2004.