What is the Music Caveman Commercial? 

When was caveman music made? The Geico commercial with the caveman has been a bit tricky to find. It’s a very cool commercial set in an airport with a house beat, and it features a traveling caveman looking at an old ad while listening to the music. What is the music that is playing in the commercial? 

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Geico’s campaign to identify its best commercials 

Geico has a rich history of memorable advertising. Since its early 1990s partnership with the Martin Agency, the company has produced a series of memorable commercials. These include the Caveman, Maxwell the Pig, and Gecko. The company has also received honorable mentions for several other commercials. 

One of the most effective aspects of Geico’s campaign is that it appeals to a broad audience and does not abandon its business goals. One of the commercials features a caveman living in a high-end apartment while another features camels at a zoo. Another feature of this campaign is a leaderboard that encourages consumers to vote for their favorite commercials. 

Geico’s Caveman commercials 

For over a decade, Geico has produced whimsical and humorous commercials. The company decided to showcase the best ones in a new ad campaign called “Best of Geico.” The Caveman commercial is a classic. It shows a caveman walking through an airport, passing a Geico billboard that says, “So easy a caveman could do it.” Geico produced more than twenty Caveman spots. The company recently launched a campaign to showcase these commercials and is asking consumers to vote for their favorites. 

The Geico character is iconic and famous. The company has used him in a number of commercials, including a pirate who swears that he never said anything mean. Geico has also used him in commercials starring celebrities like Don LaFontaine and Maxwell the pig. Another one features Gecko as the best man at a wedding. 

John Lehr’s role in the commercial 

The role of the music caveman is not only funny, but it also helped John Lehr meet a number of celebrities, pay off his house, and send his kids to college. Born in Kansas, Lehr attended Northwestern University where he earned a teaching certificate. During his time at Northwestern, he discovered improvisational comedy. He was involved in a student run comedy revue, and he was even invited to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Before taking on the role of the caveman in the music caveman commercial, John Lehr had appeared on television in various roles. He appeared on the sitcom Friends and also starred in the 2002 rom-com The Sweetest Thing. He also appeared in several Noah Baumbach films. But despite his impressive resume, Lehr avoided appearing on ABC’s sitcom Cavemen until the late 2000s. 

Song played in the commercial 

If you’ve been curious about the song played in Geico’s caveman commercial, you’re not alone. The series was a hit for many years, but unfortunately, it has been difficult to track down the exact song. Apparently, the song is called “Hurt You” by The Sounds, and it plays in the background while the caveman travels and looks at a vintage ad. 

A few years after the cavemen hit the airwaves, ABC aired a television sitcom based on the commercials featuring young Nick Kroll as a caveman. It wasn’t long before the caveman ad campaign exploded, and it was everywhere, including a commercial that featured the cavemen dressed in heavy prosthetics. 

It’s Over by Jesse McCartney 

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