What is the Mushroom Festival in Colorado? 

The King Boletus Mushroom Festival takes place in Telluride. You can learn all about this event by attending some of the classes and workshops that are offered. These workshops and lectures take place all over town. Some last all day and others are only a couple hours long. 

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Telluride’s King Boletus Mushroom Festival 

The 35th annual Telluride Mushroom Festival celebrates the world of mycology in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The festival includes lectures, demonstrations, and foraging hikes. Visitors can also try the various mushrooms and learn how to prepare them for a gourmet meal. 

The festival takes place Aug. 21-22. Volunteers will be present to identify wild mushrooms. Participants can also sign up for lectures. 


Attendees of the mushroom festival will have the chance to learn about how to identify and use the unique mushrooms found in Colorado. This annual event features lectures, forays, and cooking demos. Attendees can also participate in a variety of other activities, such as foraging, tasting mushrooms, and watching a live band. 

The first workshop of the festival focuses on mushroom identification. Students will learn about the basic functions and structures of different fungi through hands-on experiments with real samples. The instructor, Dr. Andrew Wilson, has spent more than two decades researching and photographing fungi. His work has been featured in numerous publications. 


If you want to learn more about mushrooms, the mushroom festival in Colorado offers a wide range of classes that cover all kinds of topics. Some of the classes are led by experts who will provide information about the different types of mushrooms. You can learn how to identify and preserve mushrooms by taking part in mushroom forays. 

If you’re a beginner, there are classes for beginners as well as those who are interested in ramping up commercial mushroom operations. The mushroom industry is a growing one, and many people are looking for ways to get involved. The festival offers classes in basic cultivation, lab tissue cultures, large-scale mushroom operations, and marketing information. In addition, some classes address fire fungi, including how to restore habitat after a fire. 


The Telluride Mushroom Festival takes place on the main street of Telluride. Visitors dress up as a variety of fungi, including Amanita muscaria. Others bring real specimens. The festival ends with a parade through the town. Attendees prepare months in advance to participate. While the festival focuses primarily on mushrooms, attendees can also sample a variety of wild plants. 

The festival is organized by the Telluride Foundation and includes talks and discussions about the science behind mushrooms, as well as the spiritual and literary aspects of mushroom culture. It also offers events such as poetry readings, yoga classes, and specials at local restaurants. Several experts on the topic of mushrooms have spoken at the event, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Paul Stamets, and Ralph Metzner. Some local politicians and scientists have also spoken at the festival.