Caveman Music Festival in the USA 

There are a few things you need to know before you attend Caveman Music Festival USA. Here are the dates, locations, and artists that are performing. You can also find out how to buy tickets for the festival. If you’ve never attended a music festival, this article will help you decide if you want to go. Read on to find out more. And remember to share your experience with us! Caveman Music Festival USA is a great experience! 

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Caveman Music Festival 

A three-day outdoor music festival, the Caveman Music Festival USA is an ideal way to celebrate the genre of Americana. Along with live performances from some of the biggest names in the genre, the festival is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Colorado. Guests can even go hiking, camping, fishing, and enjoy other outdoor activities. If you’re a fan of live music, the festival’s lineup of bands will certainly leave you wanting more. 


The caveman music festival is held every year in the United States and Canada. The event takes place over four days in a variety of locations. The festival’s schedule is different for each location, and the price varies. Tickets are generally available six to nine months in advance. You can find the exact dates of the festival by checking the schedule. The caveman music festival is held in different cities around the United States, so check out the schedule before purchasing tickets. 


If you are looking for a new music festival to attend, the Caveman Music Festival is the place to go. It is an Americana Music festival that will debut in 2022 at Monument Lake Resort, Colorado. It will feature over 15 National and Local Acts performing at the event. The venue offers scenic views, hiking, camping, fishing, and outdoor fun. The music festival will include performances from your favorite artists. You can also relax and unwind with friends and family while listening to music. 

Artists performing 

The 2017 Caveman New Music Competition is one of the country’s largest, indigenous music festivals. Tickets start at $470 and include a shuttle service to the festival site. Depending on the price range, you can camp or stay in a hotel. This event is sure to be a big hit. To learn more about the lineup and get tickets, subscribe to the festival’s newsletter! We will send you news and entertainment information directly to your inbox! 

Cost of tickets 

The cost of tickets to the Caveman Music Festival USA can vary greatly depending on location. Tickets can be purchased in advance for less than $50, but premium seating at venues can cost as much as $275 per seat. In most cases, you will want to purchase a ticket a few months in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out on the best seats. The best way to buy tickets to the Caveman is to check out the event schedule as far in advance as possible. 

Contribute to the festival 

The Caveman Music Festival USA is a three-day, all-Americana music festival that will debut in 2022. The mountain resort offers scenic views, historic structures, and wildlife activities. Contribute today and be part of a successful event. Ticket prices range from $25 to $500. Donate to the Caveman Music Festival USA now and be a part of the evolution of a new festival genre.