What is the Colorado Caveman Music Festival Named After? 

The Caveman Music Festival will make its debut in 2022. It is a three-day Americana Music festival near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, near Monument Resort, which offers wildlife, scenic views, and historic structures. You can purchase GA and VIP tickets for the festival. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to check out our Artists page for a list of the artists performing at the Caveman Music Festival. 

(Music Festival Colorado – Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort is the perfect place to grasp the last sun-soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages)

Caveman Music Festival 

If you’re looking for the next great Americana music festival, look no further than the Caveman Music Fest in Weston, Colorado. This three-day festival will feature over 15 National and local acts. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but you can also camp and go fishing. This is the ultimate outdoor adventure, complete with concerts from some of your favorite bands. Check out the lineup for this year’s Caveman Music Festival to find out what you’re missing. 

The Caveman Music Festival is a new music festival that will debut in Colorado in 2022 and attract as many as 10,000 fans. This event will feature a three-day Americana Music festival, featuring the sounds of the South. Bluegrass, folk, gospel, rock and roll, and rock are the common sounds of the American South. During the festival, bluegrass and other music genres will be showcased and cultivated. 

Price of GA and VIP tickets to Caveman Music Festival 

There are many advantages of purchasing GA and VIP tickets to Colorado Caveman Music Fest. You will get to see your favorite artists in the outdoors, and you will have time to enjoy other activities. In addition to enjoying the music, you will also be surrounded by beautiful scenery. You will not regret your decision to attend this festival! If you are wondering about the price of GA and VIP tickets to Colorado Caveman Music Festival, here are some tips. 

The price of a Caveman concert ticket can vary greatly from market to market. Tickets for smaller venues, such as the Boulder Colony Amphitheater, will be more expensive than those for larger venues. VIP tickets can cost hundreds of dollars. However, if you want to see Pearl Jam, Green Day, or Foo Fighters, you’ll have to spend more than just a few hundred dollars for a ticket. 

Artists performing at Caveman Music Festival 

The first Caveman Music Festival is set for Monument Lake Resort in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in early August. The event features three days of live music featuring more than fifteen national and local acts. During these days, the audience will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife while enjoying the music. The festival also includes hiking, fishing, camping, and outdoor activities, so attendees can enjoy their time with the artists. 

One of the highlights of this year’s lineup will be the opening night concert of the festival, which will feature the legendary Lucero, Margo Price, and Grace Potter. The three day concert will include a bluegrass and Americana Music showcase, as well as performances from emerging artists. You can sign up for the Colorado Caveman Music Festival email newsletter and receive updates on the festival. To make the most of your visit to this unique festival, sign up for our newsletter. You’ll be able to receive news about the festival and the artists performing there. 

Artists appearing at Caveman Music Festival in 2022 

In 2022, the Colorado Caveman Music Festival will debut with over 15 National and Local acts performing three days of music. Held near Monument Lake Resort, the festival offers scenic views, history, and wildlife activities. The three-day festival will offer a diverse array of music and entertainment, including country, rock, bluegrass, and more. To find out more about who will be playing, visit the official website for the festival. 

The artists performing at the Caveman Music Festival include: Bill McCrossen, Keith Waters, Tina Phillips, and the Ron Jolly Trio. Among the other headliners, you can expect to see Dawn Clement, Jesh Yancey, and the Black Rifle Coffee Company. Ticket packages start at $470 per person and include transportation to and from the festival venue.