What Is the Best Camping Chair? 

A good camping chair can make a great difference in the comfort of your campsite. Depending on the type of chair you choose, it should be easy to store away, but should also have a durable build and lots of support. 

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The REI Camp X is one of the most popular collapsible chairs on the market. This lightweight option is designed to be compact enough to fit inside your backpack, but it’s still sturdy enough to support a heavyweight. It features a padded seat and back, a cup holder, and a mesh-heavy build that dries quickly when wet. 

If you’re looking for a quality chair that offers both style and value, then the REI Camp Xtra is an excellent choice. It’s larger and more comfortable than its basic version but doesn’t sacrifice portability. You can even add a footrest for extra stability. 

Another great option is the NEMO Moonlight. This portable camping recliner has a sturdy aluminum frame and a multi-position reclining system. However, it lacks the swinging functionality of the Stargaze. While it’s still a solid choice, it’s not the best choice for the price. 

The Kelty Low Loveseat is another viable choice for camping. Its wide, supportive seat is 13.5 inches off the ground, making it a good choice for camping events like a Fourth of July barbecue or a picnic. It has armrest cup holders and a carrying bag with a comfortable carrying strap. 

While it’s not as stable as some of the more expensive options on this list, it’s a very affordable option that is a good value. You can get this chair for less than $30 on Amazon. It has a two-year warranty, a built-in cooler, and a comfortable carrying strap. 

If you’re looking for fewer features, then the GCI Comfort Pro is a good choice. Although it doesn’t have a locking mechanism, it provides plenty of support. 

Those who need a little more support will want to look at the Helinox Chair Zero. This lightweight, collapsible chair is built with a DAC pole system, which is the same company that makes the poles for some of the best backpacking tents. That means you can expect a solid chair that is rated to hold 300 pounds. 

One of the things that’s most important to consider when shopping for a folding camp chair is durability. Many lightweight models are less than ideal for everyday use. If you’re taking your chair on a long hiking trip or camping trip, it’s wise to invest in a quality model. Even if you’re only going to be hauling it a few hundred yards, a sturdy chair will help you feel more comfortable. 

Having a camping chair is a great addition to any outdoor activity. Whether you’re sitting around the fire, relaxing, or having a cocktail, you want to have a comfortable seat. With so many different choices on the market, it’s important to pick the right one for your needs.