What Is Considered Americana Music? 

If you are unfamiliar with the Americana music genre, it is a genre that embraces various styles of music. There is no specific sound that defines this genre; instead, it is about the feeling that is conveyed through the music. Below are some of the artists that fall under this broad umbrella. 


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Emmylou Harris 

Emmylou Harris is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, and musician who is regarded as one of the greats of country music. Emmylou Harris’s work is described by critics as a “cornerstone of the country-rock genre” and “a pioneering force in female musical collaborations”. Her songs have earned her a wide variety of admirers, including the legendary Bob Dylan and Neil Young. 

During the 1970s, Emmylou Harris enjoyed several country hits. She even recorded a country opera called The Ballad of Sally Rose. Harris was also part of the soundtrack of the film “Lawless” which was released in the U.S. and U.K. in August 2012. Throughout the following decade, Harris continued to write songs and record with bluegrass musicians, as well as with artists like U2, Neil Young, and Steve Earle. 

Andrew Leahey 

Andrew Leahey is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who works in the fields of alt-country, American roots rock, and classic pop. He was previously the frontman for the group the Homestead but was forced to take a break after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013. After recovering from his illness, he resumed his artistic activity, founding his band, Airwaves. The band released the double-disc album American Static, Vol. 1 in 2021. His new work explores psych-rock and piano pop. 

Andrew Leahey has had a storied career in the music industry. His songs have received awards and garnered a wide audience. His newest single, “New Memories,” was released recently. While his band typically plays high-energy classic-rock tunes, Leahey’s music is more akin to Van Morrison or Jackson Browne. 

Marge Price 

Margo Rae Price is an American singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been hailed as the “country’s next big star” by the Fader. Her debut album was released on Third Man Records on March 25, 2016, and was recorded in three days at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. She tours with her band, the Pricetags. 

Dan Tyminski 

The sultry sounds of Tyminski’s southern-fried pop-rock are rooted in the Southern Gothic tradition. These songs mix dancey loops and twangy samples with Tyminski’s trademark voice and thoughtful lyrics. In the wake of our current political climate, such an album is much-needed. 

Tyminski began his musical career in the roots scene, first as a member of the Lonesome River Band. He went on to become a key contributor to the success of Alison Kraus and Union Station. His role in the critically acclaimed film O Brother, Where Art Thou brought him to mainstream attention, and his song “Man of Constant Sorrow” became a big hit. Tyminski has also dabbled in electronic dance music, and his latest album is based on an electro-pop aesthetic.