What Is Americana Style Music? 

Americana style music is very diverse, and you can find hundreds of artists performing it. Some of the best known names in the genre include Emmylou Harris, Margo Price, Robert Plant, and Andrew Leahey. The genre’s popularity has increased significantly over the past several years, and there are more artists coming out each year. 


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Emmylou Harris 

Emmylou Harris is a renowned Americana singer and songwriter. She was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008, and has received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Harris’ work has been hailed as a classic example of Americana music. 

Andrew Leahey 

Andrew Leahey is an artist with a distinct voice. His songs are crafted with poignancy, and his lyrics are well written. Lyrics such as “fill every last part of my memory of you” and “if I ever want to live the American dream, I have to stay awake” echo the sentiments of a man who’s spent his entire life running from one place to another. 

Margo Price 

Margo Price is a Nashville-based country singer-songwriter. She’s originally from Illinois, but moved to Nashville in 2003 and started focusing on live performances. In addition to her solo work, she has been part of political bands Secret Handshake and Buffalo Clover, and she currently plays with her current band, The Pricetags. In 2016, she released her first studio album on the Third Man Records label. The album was titled Midwest Farmer’s Daughter and featured the hit single “Hurtin’ (On the Bottle)”. The album peaked at No. 10 on the US country charts and #1 in the UK. In October 2017, she released a follow-up album, “All American Made.” 

Robert Plant 

Robert Plant is an American singer-songwriter. His songs are often based on the blues and folk genres. He has also performed in the Americana genre. His most famous albums include the Dreamland and Mighty ReArranger. Both albums received positive reviews and have received nominations for Grammy Awards. 


The sound of Midland is a classic Americana sound rooted in tradition and folk music. Lead singer Mark Wystrach, from Dripping Springs, Texas, is the focal point of Midland’s sound, with lead guitarist Jess Carson and bass player Cameron Duddy adding to the band’s distinctive sound. The band’s sound has garnered widespread attention as they have performed at clubs around the region. Their critically acclaimed sophomore album, LET IT ROLL, has received praise from Rolling Stone, NPR, and Entertainment Weekly. 

The Cadillac Three 

The Cadillac Three are a trio of musicians who specialize in Americana style music. The Cadillac Three is a trio of singers and songwriters. The group has not included guest musicians in their music. The group has never used a bassist. The members of the band each write and perform their own songs. 

Los Lobos 

Los Lobos’ Americana style music blends influences from Rock, Tex-Mex, country, blues, zydeco, and R&B. The band’s members are all from the Los Angeles area. Front man Jason Isbell has enjoyed a solo career since leaving his previous band Drive-By Truckers in 2007. The group has received four GRAMMY Awards and a Golden Globe nomination for their debut album.