What Is a Vault Toilet Camping? 

A vault toilet is a type of restroom that is not water-based and can be found in places like public parks, camping sites, and trailer parks. This type of restroom is usually a concrete slab that is buried underground. It provides a private and odor-free restroom in public settings. 

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However, these facilities require regular maintenance to prevent foul smells. They must be emptied regularly to avoid bacteria growth. These restrooms are usually emptied once every two weeks or so. The waste is then pumped to a waste management facility for disposal. During colder seasons, sewage gases can be more noticeable. 

If you plan to use a vault toilet, make sure you have a lot of toilet paper on hand. You should also carry some garbage with you. Since vault toilets are not stocked with trash bins, you must have a place to dispose of your garbage. 

To prevent the stench, keeping the lid closed while using the toilet is essential. If you have not closed the toilet, a strong wind can force a foul odor out of the air. Also, the temperature of the air in a vault toilet may affect the cleaning process. When the weather is cloudy, the temperature at the top of the toilet may be too low to properly clean the vent. 

The odors can be prevented by having a strong ventilation system. Vent pipes must be high enough to clear the air, but not too tall to block the roof. Another way to get rid of a bad odor is by burning. Activated carbon can also be used to get rid of odors. 

The vault toilets are typically unisex. Some are made with reinforced concrete or wood frames, while others are plastic. These are commonly used in campgrounds, public parks, and remote camping areas. 

Vault toilets are popular in outdoor areas because of their natural look. People often prefer to use them over regular flushing toilets. While some have a lock, some do not. Having a lock is recommended because thieves can sneak in. 

Most vault toilets are clean. Toilet paper is provided. But the supply of this material can disappear quickly when there are a lot of users. Unlike regular toilets, these toilets are not equipped with panty liners or wet wipes. Using these types of toilets can be dangerous. 

Vault toilets are not the most convenient type of toilet, but they are a good choice for people who don’t want to go back home for a washroom. Vault toilets are also easy to maintain and do not harm the environment. 

Vault toilets have a large vent pipe that comes from the roof. Depending on the size of the toilet, this pipe can be quite long. Ideally, the pipe should be at least five feet deep. 

If the toilet has no locking feature, you should always check it before using it. Leaving a backpack or other valuables on the floor is not acceptable.