What is Caveman Music Festival? 

If you are curious about Colorado’s biggest Americana music festival, you’ve come to the right place. The Caveman Music Festival is held at the Monument Lake Resort in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Founded by Brett McGraw, Red Shahan, and Parker Morrow, the festival aims to highlight talented Americana musicians. The festival is a fundraiser for the Black Rifle Coffee Company Fund. Read on to learn more about this music festival and its mission. 


(Caveman Musical Festival Labor Day at Monument Lake Resort in Colorado is the perfect place to grasp the last sun-soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages.)

Caveman Music Festival is Colorado’s biggest Americana music festival 

The first Caveman Music Festival will debut in 2022 and draw as many as 10,000 attendees. It is an Americana music festival celebrating diverse musical genres, including bluegrass, folk, gospel, country, jazz, and rhythm and blues. The festival will also feature rock and roll and other genres, such as rock and roll. The music will be played live by local artists, and attendees can even enjoy camping and fishing during the festival. 

The three-day festival will be held on Monument Lake. Guests can paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and even rent private pontoons if they want to get up close to the musicians. Camping is also an option, with tickets starting at $470. The festival is also home to the Seven Peaks Music Festival, which is slated to return for its third year. 

It takes place at Monument Lake resort 

If you’re interested in rock and folk music, you’ll love the Caveman Music Festival. The festival takes place at Monument Lake resort, a beautiful spot surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Throughout the three days, you can listen to over 15 National and Local Acts, and enjoy paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and private pontoons. For accommodation, you can choose from tents or cabins. Among the artists playing this year is the talented Brett McGraw and Red Shahan. These three men have decades of experience in producing concerts and festivals. 

The Monument Lake resort is surrounded by 368 acres of park-like terrain. Aside from rock-climbing, you can also rent paddleboards, kayaks, and pontoons. You can also rent pontoons, which can accommodate up to 14 people. Accommodations are offered in cabins and lodge hotel rooms. Super VIP ticket holders can also reserve RV sites. If you’re traveling with your family, there’s also primitive camping on-site. 

It’s founded by Brett McGraw, Red Shahan & Parker Morrow 

The Caveman Music Festival is an inaugural event that will showcase the best in Americana, folk, country, and bluegrass music. The three men behind the festival have years of experience putting on music festivals. In addition to their own musical endeavors, they’ll be collaborating with other musicians to present their original works. While there’s a short list of performers, the full lineup will likely have more names on the waitlist. 

Tickets to Caveman can cost more than $50 if you plan on purchasing the VIP experience. The average ticket to a music festival is $100, while VIP seats in a concert venue can cost upwards of $275. Even the lowest-priced seats are often those further away from the stage. You can purchase tickets for Caveman Music Festival as early as April 15 at 10 a.m. 

It’s a fundraiser for the Black Rifle Coffee Company Fund 

The Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) fund helps veterans, first responders and military members succeed in the entrepreneurial world. The company started the fund in 2021 with the goal of bridging the gap between veterans and their families. The festival serves as an annual fundraiser for the fund. Interested in attending the festival? Learn more about the Black Rifle Coffee Company Fund and the Caveman Music Festival. 

The fund began with a research grant of $71,000 and identified the gaps in civilian knowledge and healthcare knowledge about veterans. The organization also researched the misinformation veterans may encounter when seeking care. The research revealed gaps in civilian knowledge and the misperceptions providers assume about veterans. Although it took the organization some time to get started, Black Rifle Coffee has worked out the kinks and will be a major beneficiary of this year’s festival.