What is a Caveman Music Festival? 

If you are a fan of Americana music, then you should check out the Caveman Music Festival. The festival takes place every year in Weston, CO, and is Colorado’s largest Americana music festival. Caveman music has its roots in rituals performed in caves. The resonating rhythms and dramatic wall paintings combine to create an evocative atmosphere. Caveman music is one of the oldest genres of music. 


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Caveman music was part of rituals carried out in caves 

The Stone Age was a period of evolution of mankind that began two million years ago. During this time, humans evolved into problem-solvers and became proficient in their environments. This included music, which was often played on instruments. Music was part of rituals and celebrations performed in caves. Some cave paintings were created using images projected by humans in an altered state of consciousness. 

The religious practices of cave painters remain largely unknown but are believed to be connected to the purpose of their art. Cave paintings may have served as ritual tools, a means of influencing the hunt, or a way of boosting fertility among the herds of animals in the wild. For example, one painting of a pregnant horse in the Lascaux cave has been interpreted as an attempt to influence the hunt. Other images, including those of lions and tigers, may have been made to exert power over dangerous animals or increase the fertility of the herds. 

It’s Colorado’s biggest Americana music festival 

The first Caveman Music Festival is set to debut in 2022 and is anticipated to draw over 10,000 fans. The festival will feature three days of live Americana music from a variety of genres. Americana is a style of music created by the confluence of shared traditions across the United States. Its distinctive sounds are a mix of folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll, and other influences. Among the many genres that will be played at the festival include bluegrass and country. 

If you’d rather not camp out, the best way to experience the festival is to purchase tickets to the festival’s concert grounds. You’ll find that floor seats are affordable but not cheap, as the front row seats are among the most expensive. VIP meet-and-greet tickets are available through Vivid Seats, and these tend to cost more than floor tickets. But if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you can opt for a front-row spot or a seat center stage. For a more luxurious experience, consider a VIP ticket. 

It debuts in 2022 

The first-ever Caveman Music Festival will be held in Monument, Colorado, in 2022. The festival will feature Americana and folk music and will celebrate genres including jazz, blues, country, and gospel. The festival will also feature bluegrass and rock music. To get the most out of the festival, you should buy tickets as early as possible. In addition, you should check out the festival website for more information. 

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