What is a Caveman Music Festival? 

The Caveman Music Festival is one of the biggest Americana music festivals in Colorado. Taking place annually in Weston, Colorado, this festival celebrates the music of the cavemen and other early humans. The music was a combination of resonating rhythms, flint blades, and dramatic wall paintings. During rituals, this music was part of the ceremony. Music was also important to these ancient people, as it was a form of communication. 


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It was part of rituals carried out in caves 

The use of caves for ritual has been a cultural phenomenon that transcends spatial boundaries and time. Archaeologists are recognizing the importance of cave context in ritual practice, myth, and worldview, and this volume highlights the significance of caves for humankind throughout the ages. The volume includes a survey of cave ritual use from six continents, spanning the Paleolithic to the present. 

Sacred places were hideaways in caves. People from different tribes gathered at these caves and held rituals for various deities. It was a form of ritual where they hid from the world and sought to connect with the forces of the supernatural. In some cases, these people formed temporary groups to carry out rituals or to perform other rituals. They may have performed these rituals to protect themselves, or to bolster their social status. 

It was a combination of dramatic wall paintings and flint blades 

The Caveman Music Festival, set to debut in 2022, will feature three days of Americana Music. Americana music is a conglomeration of diverse American traditions, including folk, gospel, blues, and rock and roll. The music at the Caveman Music Festival will feature artists from the Southern United States. The festival will also feature bluegrass and other Americana genres. 

It was a combination of resonating rhythms and dramatic wall paintings 

Organizers of the Caveman Music Festival are aiming to bring talented Americana artists to Monument Lake Resort in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. These organizers have decades of experience producing live music events, and their mission is to showcase the diversity of Americana music. While it was difficult to see all the artists, there were several standouts.