What do I need For Camping? 

Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or a weeklong excursion, you’ll need to pack a few essential items to make sure your trip is a relaxing one. These items will make a huge difference in how comfortable you feel while camping. 

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A portable first aid kit is one of the most important items to have on hand. You’ll need bandages, blister patches, gauze, and other bandage materials to treat minor injuries. If you don’t have your own, you can buy a small, inexpensive kit at your local pharmacy. 

A good water filter is another camping item you should bring. You’ll need to boil or filter the water to kill harmful organisms, especially if you’re near a river. You’ll also want to avoid perishable food when you’re camping. You can filter the water with iodine or a physical filter. You may need to bring some purification tablets to supplement your filter. 

If you plan on doing some cooking while you’re camping, you’ll need to bring pots and pans. You can also cook meals over a fire. If you’re camping in a tent, you’ll need to bring extra stakes to keep your camper secure. 

You should also make sure to bring at least 2 liters of water per person a day. This is especially important if you’re traveling in a hot climate. It’s a good idea to bring a collapsible water jug to save space. 

A portable lantern is also a great camping accessory. They provide a soft glow and can be used to read without causing eye strain. These lanterns also have rechargeable batteries and are a great addition to your camping arsenal. You’ll also want a headlamp for nighttime tasks. 

You should also pack a variety of blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. You’ll want to choose ones that are rated for your region’s weather conditions. You’ll want to be comfortable when you’re sleeping, and a miscellaneous assortment of blankets won’t cut it. 

It’s a good idea to pack two sets of clothes a day for your trip. You can bring a pair of durable, waterproof combat boots to keep your feet warm and dry. You’ll also need to pack a few pairs of socks and underwear. 

You should also bring a hydration reservoir. You can use a refillable bottle or a hard-sided water jug. If you’re going on a backcountry trip, you’ll need to find a water source that’s easy to access. You’ll also want to consider packing laundry supplies. If you’re at a campground, you can usually find a laundry mat. However, if you’re at a cabin, you might have to bring your own. 

Finally, you’ll need to prepare your car for the trip. Start with the biggest items, like your sleeping bag and car seat, and stack the lighter items on top. This will ensure that you’ll have plenty of room for other items. You’ll want to pack your car with separate pieces of clothing and food, so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching.