What Happened at the Astroworld Music Festival? 

A deputy sheriff’s investigation has centered on what happened to a young woman who fell under a pile of people and suffered a head injury. There are multiple other possible causes, but the incident was largely the result of a crowd surge that began earlier in the evening and was unrelated to the chaos that ensued later. A second theory is that a group of pyrotechnics was set off during the concert and caused a large number of people to collapse. 

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Houston police have launched an investigation into the deadly incident, which occurred in the middle of a music festival on Saturday. The Houston Fire Department tweeted that the incident near NRG park resulted in multiple injuries to civilians. Videos posted on social media show people on the ground. The festival promoter Live Nation also said it would assist local authorities. But it’s unclear what police will do with the footage. While the festival was not shut down as of Sunday afternoon, it has stepped up its security measures. 

Compression asphyxia 

The tragic event at the 2018 Astroworld music festival in Houston led to the deaths of 10 people. Ten people were killed by compression asphyxia at the event, which was organized by rapper Travis Scott. The victims were identified as Danish Baig, Rodolfo Pena, Madison Dubiski, Franco Patino, Jacob Jurinek, and John Hilgert. Another victim was nine-year-old Ezra Blount, who was at the concert with his father. 


Music festivals are a prime venue for pyrotechnics. These displays can include fire, sparklers, and confetti. Some of the pyrotechnic shows even include the sound of a huge bomb! However, there are many things to be aware of when it comes to pyrotechnics at a music festival. Luckily, there are ways to avoid being caught red-handed, and safety standards have improved over time. 

Falling under a pile of people 

A Houston, Texas, medical examiner is investigating the fatal crowd crash that claimed two lives at the Coachella music festival. The festival was created by rapper Travis Scott. People can die in large crowds from compressive asphyxia, a type of crowd trauma caused by a sudden rush of people. When people are packed too close together, they can collapse, often resulting in a stampede or fatal accident. 

Snoop Dogg’s tour manager 

Last year, Snoop Dogg’s tour manager, Michael Hoeppner, took 12 students from the Lehigh Valley backstage at Musikfest for a sneak peek at the headlining artist’s dressing room. The students learned more about the music festival, how to handle sudden changes and the importance of staying calm. During the presentation, Hoeppner described some of his responsibilities, including how to improvise and how to work with others.