What Hair Style to Do at Caveman Music Festival?

Whether you want to go all out with glitter, or simply want to keep your hair down and comfortable, there are plenty of great options for you to choose from. From a simple upsweep to a flower crown, there’s a hairstyle for every festival-goer’s taste. No matter what you decide on, you’ll have a good time and look fabulous. 


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Glitter is a great hairstyle 

If you want to add some glitz to your music festival style, you should try wearing glitter. Glitter is great on the face and in your hair, and it will add a festival feel to your hair. You can also try experimenting with a glitter dye or a braid. You can add a few pieces of glitter to your strands to get a glittery look. 

Another trend to try at a music festival is a flower crown. This one is everywhere. Although flower crowns are beautiful, they can be culturally inappropriate. Instead, try a festival hairstyle that is less overtly cultural. During your festival, you can sport a flower crown. However, you should be careful not to overdo it, as it can look like you’re appropriating cultural trends. 

Upsweeps are comfortable 

An upsweep is the most comfortable hairstyle for a caveman music festival. This style is very flexible and does not require much styling time. It is also very easy to maintain. It requires about five minutes of work and is comfortable to wear. You can create it with braids, double buns, or locs. Upsweeps can also help keep your hair off your neck when the weather gets hot. 

Flower crowns are fabulous 

Flower crowns are the ultimate summer headpiece, and they are also a stylish alternative to Native American headdresses. In the past, the Bass Coast Festival has banned Native American headdresses because of their spiritual significance, which cannot be separated from their aesthetic value. In contrast, flower crowns are colorful, feminine, and full of hippie spirit and inspiration. If you’re thinking about wearing a flower crown to the next music festival, consider some of the tips listed below. 

First of all, flower crowns are all about love and peace. Whether you’re at the festival with a significant other or with a sweetheart, these flower headpieces are the perfect choice. You can buy flower crowns at The Lodge or make one yourself with roses or wax flowers. You won’t look like a clown when wearing a flower crown, but it’s big enough to get the attention of others. Moreover, flower crowns are simple and can be made quickly and easily. 

Upsweeps are a comfortable option 

Upsweeps are the most comfortable hairstyle for music festivals. They are versatile and can be worn for many different occasions. For example, an upsweep is a good option if you want to wear your hair down for the day. But it’s also a bad idea if you want to wear it up all day because it won’t stay up during the festival. Instead, you should try an upsweep or a bun that is tied in the back.