What Hair Style to Do at Caveman Music Festival?

If you are attending a caveman music festival, you’ll most likely want to look as fab as possible. Upsweeps and flower crowns are the most fashionable options for keeping yourself comfortable and looking great, especially if you plan to dress up in Captain Caveman cosplay or a saber-toothed ensemble. Here’s what to wear and what to do with your hair. 


(The Caveman Music Festival features a lineup of your favorite Colorados Americana and roots artists. Soak up the sun and the sounds of the festival while enjoying a barbeque, or take a dip in the lake to cool off. When the sun goes down, head to the main stage to dance the night away.)

Upsweeps are the best option to maintain yourself comfortable and fabulous 

The Caveman Music Festival takes place over 3 days at the resort of Monument Lake. There are over 15 National and Local acts set to play during the 3-day event. Make sure to get your festival tickets early to avoid missing out on any of the action. Check out the latest information about this festival at cavemanmusicfestival.com. You can also follow the Caveman Music Festival on social media for regular updates. 

You should wear flower crowns 

You should wear flower crowns to a music festival if you love to party and look cute. But if you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the crowd, you can also choose a more practical alternative. Instead of wearing a traditional flower crown, you can wear a metal flower crown that has gems and feathers adorning it. Besides being cool, this accessory will help protect your face from the sun and the hot shower line. 

Flower crowns can add instant femininity to any outfit. Choose a slender piece or a large crown and match it with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your choice of color and style. This accessory will definitely turn heads and make you feel like a bohemian fashionista. The best part is that it’s easy to wear and you can reuse it time again. 

You should cosplay as Captain Caveman 

There are so many cool things to do at a caveman music festival that you should cosplay as Captain Cavaman! There are tons of costume contests where you can win prizes just for being a Caveman! Whether you’re a fan of the animated series or not, you can cosplay as Caveman to show off your Caveman costume! 

The most popular costume contest for the caveman fan is the one where you cosplay as Cavey the caveman! You can cosplay as Captain Caveman for the event or just show up in caveman costumes! The prize for the best costume will be a Captain Caveman t-shirt! It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you’re a Cavey fan, you can win! 

You should wear a saber-toothed ensemble 

If you’re attending a caveman music festival, why not dress up like a caveman? There are plenty of opportunities to dress up and celebrate the rock and roll past. You can be Pebbles Flintstone in a saber-toothed ensemble, or you can spruce up your fashion sense with a pterodactyl diaper and a dinosaur bone scrunchy. No matter which costume you choose, you’ll look the part at the caveman music festival!