What Festivals Are Celebrated in America City to Visit? 

As you travel through Colorado, you’ll likely be able to experience festivals celebrating food, a dead guy, nothing, or nothing at all. For example, the town of Nederland celebrates a frozen man festival during the wintertime. And if you want to see a real, live, and authentic dead guy, head to Nederland for the annual frozen man festival. 

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When visiting Telluride, Colorado, you may find yourself wondering what events you can attend during the summer. For a taste of the local cuisine, there are many festivals to choose from. The Telluride Wine Festival, for instance, has been a local favorite for 35 years. It features the finest in wine and culinary indulgences, including classes and tastings. You can even purchase a weekend pass to take in the festival and all of its activities. 


What festivals are celebrated in Aspen, Colorado? Summer is a good time to take in the local festivities and check out the town’s Saturday Market for fresh Colorado produce crafts, and local artist wares. These are the perfect places to pick up ingredients for a great dinner or snag souvenirs. The town of Aspen also hosts many Closing Parties, so it’s easy to plan a fun-filled day for the whole family. 


Colorado is a city of festivals, and Denver is no exception. For example, Latino Fest takes place on May 7-8, immediately after Cinco De Mayo. This free, family-friendly event features live performances, art vendors, and interactive exhibits at historically African American landmarks. On Juneteenth, the city hosts its own, free, street festival. You’ll get to meet local musicians and see a parade of green-clad revelers. 


Which Dutch festivals are celebrated in American cities to travel to? The Netherlands celebrates two days of Easter: Sunday and Monday. The festivities include the Easter Bunny, Egg Hunting, and eating a variety of delicious treats. In some areas, real hard-boiled eggs are used in egg tapping contests. Other cities like Enschede, New York, and San Francisco also hold their own Easter events. If you want to experience the Dutch way of life, try visiting the Netherlands. 

Aspen Christkindl Market 

If you are planning a holiday trip to the Rocky Mountains, consider checking out the Aspen Christkindl Market. This town comes alive at the end of November with free holiday activities, holiday treats, and carolers. For the ultimate white Christmas experience, there is no better place to be than Aspen. While the Rockies and the metropolis city of Denver are certainly beautiful, Colorado is best known for its Wild West atmosphere. This is one town where you can enjoy traditional rodeo events including bull riding, barrel racing, roping, and even kid-friendly junior rodeos. 

Denver RIDE Festival 

The Rocky Mountain State’s capital and home to major sports teams, this American city to visit have a rich arts and culture scene. In addition, Denver is home to numerous breweries and bicycle trails. Bicycling and summer festivals abound in Denver, which is the perfect place to get outside and enjoy the summer weather. And, with an abundance of bicycle trails, it is an ideal starting point for outdoor activities year-round. 

Aspen Art Museum’s ReVision: Art in the Americas 

The ReVision exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum is a multidisciplinary look at the material culture of the Americas. It celebrates the diversity of the region and critically examines the influence of neoliberal capitalism and imperialism. A notable work in the exhibition is Eduardo Sarabia’s installation Ceiba Sagrada, which includes cast-metal birds and a cross-cut Ceiba tree.