What Festivals Are Celebrated in America? 

If you’re wondering what festivals are celebrated in America, read on. Learn about Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, and Independence Day. Celebrate your freedom! And don’t forget to give thanks to your mother and father! Here are some ideas for you to celebrate the sanctity of these special days. You’ll be glad you read this article! Also, learn about Mexican traditions. And be sure to visit the countryside! 

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Mexico City festivals are celebrated in the countryside 

Three Kings Day is celebrated on the 12th day after Christmas and commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men, who brought gifts for Jesus. On this day, children are given gifts, and special markets are set up to sell them. A customary treat is a sweet bread called Rosca de Reyes, which contains a small figure of Baby Jesus. Those who find all the Three Kings figures must host a Candlemas day celebration. 

Independence Day is a celebration of freedom 

On July 4th, the United States celebrates Independence Day, the birth of our nation. The Declaration of Independence, signed by thirteen colonies in 1776, is the main source of the holiday’s origins. The document was the first step in the American Revolution, which saw the end of the British Empire. It also marked the beginning of a century of political tension and dissent between Britain and the American colonies. 

Father’s Day is a time to appreciate fathers 

The celebration of Father’s Day was established in the mid-20th century. During this time, however, fathers were not always acknowledged. It wasn’t even widely recognized, as men generally predominated society and felt that the idea was unnecessary. Eventually, President Nixon signed a proclamation establishing it as a national holiday. In the 1950s, however, fathers started to receive more recognition, and a day set aside to celebrate them was born. 

Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate mothers 

Today is Mother’s Day, a special day to celebrate mothers in the U.S. According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, 3 in 5 believe that Mother’s Day should be every day, but only 9% think that Mother’s Day should only occur once a year. In addition, 7 out of 10 respondents believe that their mom is their best friend, while 63% consider their mom a superhero. 

Coachella is a music festival 

One of the most famous music festivals in the United States is Coachella. Held annually over two weekends in the California desert, this festival attracts over 75,000 people every day. The lineup includes such artists as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Kanye West, Lil Baby, Big Sean, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. Although Kanye West has said he might cancel his appearance due to disagreement with Billie Eilish, many people still flock to the festival to enjoy the music and art installations. 

Easter is a Jewish holiday 

Passover is a Jewish holiday, celebrated in the springtime, that commemorates the passing of the angel of God over the houses of the Israelites. Passover is a major religious celebration, celebrated over dinner and conversation. Passover aims to promote appreciation for freedom and social justice, and it’s especially relevant in the wake of recent world conflicts and events. The first and second days of Passover are essentially the same as in the rest of the world, although the second day is celebrated a day earlier.