What Does Walk Up Camping Mean? 

Walk-up camping is no reservation camping and is the perfect solution for people who missed the boat on the early season lottery or those looking to get away for a quick weekend getaway. There are a few things to remember if you plan to make use of the concept. You’ll want to have your camping gear in hand before you head out to your favorite campground. You’ll also need a way to pay for the campsite. Thankfully, there are many different options to choose from. Some campgrounds only offer walk-up sites, while others will let you book a spot online. You can even call the campground and ask the host which sites are available. 

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The best part about walk-up camping is that you’ll have the freedom to pick your spot. There are two types of walk sites: group and individual. The former is more likely to be in a secluded area, while the latter is closer to the parking lot. The latter may require a bit of legwork. But they’re usually more affordable. 

Getting a spot at a popular campground isn’t always as easy as it sounds. The best time to try is during the week. However, if you’re going during peak seasons, you might not be so lucky. You’ll need to show up at least a few hours before check-out time if you want to secure a spot. You can find walk-up sites at many state parks, as well as national parks. If you’re in a pinch, consider camping at a BLM land. These are often the exception to the rule, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. 

It’s not just the size of the tent that matters when it comes to getting a walk-up site. You’ll need to make sure that you arrive at your chosen campground in good time, as they’ll need at least two days to set up your spot. This is especially true in summer when the campgrounds can fill up fast. But, if you’re willing to wait, you’ll be rewarded with a great weekend or week of camping. 

You won’t get a great view of the surrounding area if you opt for a walk-up site. If you’re into hiking, you’ll have to venture out a little further. On the other hand, the sight of a sunset is the best way to end a day of adventure. While this type of camping isn’t always a given, it’s certainly better than no camping at all. 

You might be surprised to find out that many campgrounds have a few walk-up sites. This is especially true in the summer when the most popular places to go tend to be booked up months in advance. In these cases, the smart move is to try a different campground. You’ll have a much better chance of securing one of these coveted spots. 

While the most impressive walk-up camping sites are limited to the summer season, they’re still worth a shot. If you’re planning a last-minute trip, you might be able to find a suitable vacancy if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort.