What Does Grace Potter Sing? 

Songs on her Daylight album 

Songs on Grace Potter’s Daylight album are full of emotion and heart. Potter’s voice is a crystalline delight, and her lyrics are both heartfelt and delivered with the utmost conviction. Although her sound is still evolving, her latest album is a huge step forward. 

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The album is issued in a stiff paper color photo inner sleeve with separate track performance and lyric inserts. The inner sleeve says that all songs were written by Grace Potter and Eric Valentine, but a detailed block below the photo indicates that different writing credits were given to different tracks. 

Her parents’ hard work 

Grace Potter, whose debut album Daylight was released in 2008, grew up in Vermont, where her parents worked as carpenters and woodworkers. Her mother, a piano teacher, taught her to play. She also listened to blues-rock and Janis Joplin while growing up. 

After completing her first album, Potter decided to take some time off from music to focus on her new family. She sold her Laurel Canyon home after her divorce. She then wrote the first notes for “Release” while taking her last bath. 

Her family’s success 

Grace Potter is a singer-songwriter from Waitsfield, Vermont. She is the daughter of piano teacher Peggy Potter and singer Sparky Potter. She was raised in the Mad River Valley and began learning to play the piano at age six. While attending high school, she started singing in choirs. Her influences included Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Kurt Cobain. 

Potter’s music has earned her multiple nominations and accolades for her songs. In 2002, she formed a band with drummer Matthew Burr and guitarist Scott Tournet. They self-released their debut album, “Nothing But Water,” in 2002. The album was so well received that it received her first Grammy nomination. Potter has since toured with the Black Crowes and Dave Matthews and has collaborated with hip-hop producer Mark Batson. 

Her career 

Grace Potter is an American singer-songwriter who’s garnered three GRAMMY nominations. Her new album, Daylight, features a duet with country superstar Kenny Chesney. She also collaborated with the Flaming Lips on a song for a Tim Burton film. Potter has also written and produced music for movies, TV shows, and more. Her music is heard in films such as “Tangled,” “Prep & Landing,” and “Naughty vs. Nice,” among other works. 

Grace Potter is an emotional performer who’s dedicated to her craft. She has toured extensively and performed at all major music festivals around the world. She’s played headlining shows on Bonnaroo and Rock in Rio, and she’s also created a music festival in Burlington, VT called Grand Point North. She’s shared stages with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Robert Plant, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, and Mavis Staples.