Psychographic Traits of an Americana Music Fan 

Among the many characteristics associated with Americana music is its tendency to appeal to the superficial. It follows the recipe of the soulless “influencer.” That is to say, Americana acts follow the recipe of the superficial “influencer” who cleans up the things that look nice and places them in a sterile environment. It’s about surface-level things, like the music and the lyrics. 

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The psychographic trait Neuroticism reflects the music preferences of people who are extraverted. These people like music that is relaxed and easy to listen to. This type of music tends to come from the singer/songwriter, folk and country music genres. It is also known to be emotionally calming and unaggressive. Neurotic individuals tend to be less agreeable people tend to be more conscientious and cooperative. 


Psychographic traits can have a strong effect on music preferences. The characteristics of conscientious and non-conscientious people are associated with different musical genres. Those with high conscientiousness tend to be cooperative, energetic, and positive. However, people with low conscientiousness are likely to be introverted and have a strong need for order.