Caveman Colorado Music Festival

The Caveman Americana Music Festival is a three-day music festival in Weston, Colorado. This event is expected to bring in about 10,000 attendees. It features a wide variety of activities and entertainment. While this music festival is primarily focused on traditional Americana music, it also includes rock and roll and bluegrass music. In addition, to live performances, the event also features a silent auction to benefit the Great American Outdoors and first responders. 

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caveman music festival

There are many different types of tickets for this event. Some of these options include a VIP package, a VIP floor seat, and a VIP meet and greet. All of these tickets provide access to the event and a unique experience. Buying a ticket may allow you to see your favorite artists or get an insider’s perspective on the festival. For example, a VIP package will give you access to a private bar, bathroom, and shuttle to and from the festival grounds. However, if you’re looking to save money, you may want to stick with a floor seat. 

The Caveman is a loose indie-folk rock band that was formed in 2010. Their sound is comprised of spacey expanses, mournful low-key melodies, and world-weary rasp. They are a band that’s not afraid to try new things. Unlike other bands that rely on a single songwriter, the band has a large network of members that have played in several groups over the years. 

The ‘Caveman’ is a loose indie-folk-rock group from New York City. Formed in 2010, the group’s members include Brett McGraw, who is the founder and head of the festival, and Parker Morrow. Most of the members of the band were previously members of The Subjects, White Clam, and Elefant. One of the group’s most successful releases was the “CoCo Beware” EP. 

Although the ‘Caveman’ is not as well known as other musical festivals, the three-day event is a yearly tradition in the mountain town of Weston, Colorado. Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the festival has a wide variety of lodging options, including tents and lodge hotel rooms. Additionally, there are many fun and unusual activities for fans to participate in. 

The ‘Caveman’ has a long list of accolades to its credit. Aside from the music, the festival will feature an array of fun activities, including kayaking, fishing, and heart-opening yoga. Furthermore, the event will include the best of the Southern music scene. Among the acts performing at the event are Estin & the 86’D, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, and more. If you’re interested in attending, you can check out tickets to the event through Vivid Seats. Since the company has been named the #1 ticketing provider in the Newsweek list of the Best Customer Service, you can trust that you’ll be in good hands. 

As with most musical festivals, the Caveman has its ups and downs. Although it’s considered an a’memorable’ event, some tickets can be a bit pricey. Luckily, you can get a good deal on tickets by taking advantage of the various discounts offered by Vivid Seats.