So Caveman Music Festival 2022 Tickets Price 

If you want to attend the Caveman music festival, then you should buy tickets at least six months in advance. The price will vary by region and city, but the best way to find out the price is to check out the event schedule. You don’t need to enter a presale code to purchase advance tickets. Normally, tickets go on sale six to nine months before the event. In addition, the price of advance tickets depends on the day and venue of the event. 


(Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Colorado is the perfect place to grasp the last sun-soaked days of summer. Contact us for more details about the passes and packages. Click here:


Tim McAllister performs City Noir 

This year’s festival will feature music by John Adams. The composer, who is also the Festival’s composer-in-residence, has written City Noir for alto saxophone. The piece explores the complexities of modern life through the lens of noir films. The work features soloists who are jazz-leaning, but it also has classical elements. 

Defending The Caveman 

Defending The Caveman is a stage show that explores the differences between men and women. The tour explores why we tick, how we react to conflict, and celebrates manhood and womanhood. Tickets for Defending The Caveman can be purchased for the show at a variety of prices. CheapoTicketing is a great resource for finding Defending The Caveman tickets. 

Tim McAllister 

If you’re looking for a concert featuring the legendary saxophonist Tim McAllister, you’re in luck. Not only is he a professor at the University of Michigan, but he also performs with the PRISM Quartet. Aside from touring the world with his quartet, McAllister is also a classical saxophone soloist. It’s a rare treat to see a saxophonist perform solo, and McAllister has premiered more than 250 pieces. His latest solo performance is a performance of his recent concerto, “Saxophone Concerto,” which debuted in January. 

Tim McAllister’s tour schedule 

The So Caveman Music Festival will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and Tim McAllister is on tour! Check out his tour dates below and make sure you catch one of his concerts while you’re in the area! Whether you’re a fan of Tim McAllister’s solo work or his soaring collaborations with other musicians, he’s sure to be a hit at the festival. 

Defending The Caveman’s tour schedule 

Defending The Caveman is a touring comedy show that delves into the differences between men and women and what makes them tick. With an eye for comedy and clever wit, this show celebrates the manhood and womanhood of both sexes and replaces conflict with laughs. The show is available for purchase through the D Hotel and is part of the Metropolis Comedy Series, which is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council Agency. 

Tim McAllister’s concert schedule 

Tim McAllister’s concert schedule at the So Caveman Music Festival in 2022 will feature some of his most popular works. His repertoire ranges from rock to jazz and from folk to electronica. His newest album, Bone Cave Ballet, is filled with penetrating vocals and a jarring sonic background. His concert is a unique opportunity to experience the music of one of the most intriguing new artists on the scene today.