Caveman Music Festival Returns for the Second Year of Americana Music at the Main Club in Duluth on April 4 

The Caveman Music Festival returns for the second year of Americana music at the Main Club in Duluth on Saturday, April 4. This year’s lineup is loaded with local musicians. Many of them are returning to perform after taking a brief break from the music scene. Others will play for the first time. 

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caveman music festival

A band with a punk-infused folk sound, The Farsight’s recently released their self-titled debut album. Their next show at Homegrown will feature Logan Amys and Haley Lawson. It will also be their fourth anniversary. They’re expecting to release a new 7-inch single. 

The Good Colonels were formed in 2002, and have toured the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. This year, the band is working on a new album. The Good Colonels are also recording with a group of young songwriters, including Joe Conaway. 

One of the biggest hits of last year’s festival was “A Good Clean High”, which won the best song at the Minnesota Music Awards. The song is a tribute to the late musician Ethan Skelton. In addition to the original songs, they’ll also be performing a few of their favorite cover songs. 

Originally a trio, the Farsight’s expanded to include a fifth member. Now, the band has a horn section and a powerful horn section. Their music tells stories that are dark, compelling, and sometimes funny. There are nine thoughtful instrumentals on their album. 

Todd Eckart is an acclaimed guitarist and singer. He has spent several years exploring Los Angeles musical communities. When he’s not touring, he spends time performing in local diners and cafes and working in schools and libraries. His musical style combines old-time country, rockabilly, and rock ‘n’ roll. Along with his partner, surf-guitar guru Jimi Cooper, he gets crowds moving with his eclectic performance. 

Another band that will be back this year is Keep Aways. Their debut album, Friendship, and Freedom Forever was released in 2012. The band has already recorded an EP and plans to record a psychedelic, 1960s-style album. They are also releasing a box set of outtakes and previously released recordings. 

After a yearlong hiatus, the Good Colonels are back. They’re recording a new album and playing regional shows after the album is released. Also, they’ll be participating in the Duluth Does Low showcase at Sacred Heart Music Center. 

Another ska/punk act is Hard Feelings. This group was active on the Twin Ports music scene in the mid-2000s. In 2013, the band toured the East Coast and released their full-length vinyl album, Swell. The band also released several tapes this year. 

As far as musicians go, the homegrown music scene has a wide variety of options for people who are interested in music. The Red Mug, Vintage Italian Pizza, Clyde Iron Works, and Norm’s Beer & Brats are all places to enjoy music on a weekend. You can also find a variety of live music in the North End Lobby and the North End of Superior.