Natural Way to Keep Bugs Away When Camping? 

Keeping bugs away when camping is easy with the help of some natural solutions. Aside from using mosquito repellents, you can also use herbs to create a bug barrier. There are also commercial products that contain essential oils that have bug-repelling properties. 

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A citrus is a great option as a natural mosquito repellent. It can be used in a spray bottle or on your bedding to keep bugs from biting. You can even spritz it on your skin to ward off flies and ticks. Adding it to a camping trip will give you a clean, fresh scent that will make you smell good. 

Garlic is another great natural solution for warding off bugs. Its sulfur-containing compounds are astringent and will stop blood-sucking creatures from attacking you. In addition, the smell of garlic will help mask the odor of your body, which is also offensive to insects. Alternatively, you can eat raw garlic or rub it on exposed skin. You can even apply garlic to your clothing for added protection. 

Citronella is another useful natural way to keep bugs away when camping. The smell of citronella can repel insects and it can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere. There are also tiki torches that emit a pleasant, evocative scent. In addition to the obvious uses, cedar oil has many other benefits for the human body, including its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. This makes it a good choice for a campfire or cooking over a fire. 

If you want to use essential oils as a natural way to keep bugs away when camping, you can try lemongrass. The plant is an excellent insect deterrent, especially when paired with other citrus-based compounds such as rosemary. You can also use geranium, which is a plant that has a storied past. It is often combined with rose to maximize its aroma. 

When it comes to bug spray, it’s important to choose a water-resistant product. This will ensure that it doesn’t damage your clothes or eyes. You should also be sure to choose a formula that is free of harmful chemicals. 

If you are going to be spending a night out in the wilderness, you will need to ensure that you dispose of trash properly. You should also avoid leaving your food out overnight. If you leave it out for long, flies and other insects will find it irresistible. 

A portable lantern is another good way to keep bugs away when camping. Using a solar-powered bug zapper is also a good idea. In addition, be sure to pick up large pieces of food to prevent crumbs from falling into the tent. Lastly, be sure to close the tent flap when you are leaving the campsite. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay bug-free on your next camping trip. Remember that a dirty, cluttered campsite will only attract more pests, so make sure you have a clear, uncluttered site. You should also consider wearing long sleeves and pants to provide a layer of protection.